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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. How about you get your safety briefing bracelet at checkin only if you can show a "5" AMS ranger eye. Once you have been to that many events you should be able to get by with just the formation briefing. Until you reach that level you need to attend a true safety briefing to receive your bracelet
  2. You could do it but it would add a lot of weight to your loadout. If your running as a rifleman you don't have a MED so not sure if having the shotgun would be beneficial enough to offset the additional weight. Remember ounces make pounds, pounds make pain.
  3. VIRUS

    iPhone 5SE Lost

    Thanks for finding it! He picked it up morning two at the registration tent.
  4. The limit on grenades refers to the number of grenades you can carry on yourself st one time. You can keep as many grenades as you want or can afford st your FOB. TAG rounds are the only way to take down a vehicle and can be effective in many other situations but they do get expensive.
  5. Welcome to the AMS family. Read the forums as there is a lot of great information here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, plenty of people here more than willing to give you good advice. Hope to see you on the field soon COSTPRIDE
  6. http://americanmilsim.com Schedule down a quarter of the page on the left side
  7. Just remember only rockets or tag rounds can take down a vehicle. To use those you have to be listed as a HWS
  8. Welcome to the community and thank you for your service. Lots of good people here all willing to help the new players so feel free to ask any questions you have. Hope to see you on the fix soon #COSTPRIDE
  9. VIRUS


    Copperhead 2.5 MMX AAR This was my second MMX class and just like the first, it was worth the money and time. We started with a brief discussion about what would be covered (how to properly breach a house working as a unit), then we started walking through different ways to accomplish the mission. The instructors took the time to answer all our questions while at the same time encouraging us to think of our own solutions. We started at a snails pace, the instructors not just telling us what we were doing right or wrong but stopping so they could show us the proper technique. With each run through details were added and we swapped up who did what. This continued until we all had a firm grip on the process, then we had some fun while still learning. We stacked up and assaulted and cleared the building, taking out targets as we went. On the last run through we cleared the building we had used all afternoon, then without pause moved to the house next door and did it again. With just a few hours training and working together we all showed a huge improvement in technique and teamwork. A few hours of commitment made us more aware of our squad, our equipment and surroundings. We went from a groups of guys that for the most part had never worked together or even met to team with focus and purpose. If you haven't thought about doing one of the classes or are on the fence, take my advice and do it!! We all invest time and money in our gear, travel and events, why not invest in some training to give yourself every advantage you can get and also have more fun. A suggestion for the MMX instructors, hold a class that pertains directly to the event and training location. Have the students participate in a DAM mission or as a squad for the event. 12 to 16 guys with a whole day of training together under the tutelage of real operators would be a force to reckon with. Even if a class like that cost more it would be money well spent. Lastly I want to thank Frosty and AMS for putting together the class at such a great price. As for the instructors, Shack and Pinky thank you for taking the time to pass on a little of what you know. You both did an amazing job!!
  10. Welcome and thank you for your service. Read the rules and the forums, lots of great info to be found.. Look forward to seeing you at an event. #COSTPRIDE
  11. Welcome. Best thing to do is learn the rule set then read through the older posts, lots of great info there. Feel free to ask question.
  12. I ran seven mags at ESR and BH and did not have any issues with running out of ammo. Yes, you will need to practice good trigger discipline and have good communication at the squad and platoon level to really make this work, but for me at least that was a bonus. Just remember there will be a learning curve for the players as well as the AMS staff, things will get tweaked until they get it to where they want it. Mag limit is only a small part of the new game mechanics implemented this year.
  13. I usually put in a new pair of contacts the first day of the event then make sure to use a good re wetting drop right before taking the field each day. I haven't had any problems with contacts getting dry or bothering me other than sweat getting in my eyes at BH5. I also bring 2 spare pairs of contacts and leave them in the car just in case I lose or damage one.
  14. The future of airsoft isn’t the in the new guns, gear, local fields or milsim events. The real future of our sport is in the new players. Far too often I see veteran players complain about the newbs or ignore the questions they ask. If the more experienced guys don't take the time to help the new players, one of two things will most likely happen. They will pick up bad habits (not calling their hits, unsportsmanlike conduct, unsafe practices) or they will simply stop playing. Both are bad for the sport. Not calling hits and unsportsmanlike conduct are at best an annoyance, or at worst suck the fun out of the game, but unsafe habits gives real ammunition to those that are trying to shut down our sport. Not having new blood to fill our ranks will also eventually lead to the end of airsoft as older guys retire or people quit because they’re having to deal with people that have bad habits. My home field is a family establishment that is always bringing in new players. A huge part of their success is that the staff and regulars are not only willing, but go out of their way, to turn the newbs into good players. It’s fun to watch someone I’ve helped go from hiding in corners become a player that I feel confident in covering my six. Helping them not only improves their game but mine. If you enjoy airsoft and want to continue playing, then you need to do your part in ensuring its future. Take a minute to explain the rules, the importance of good sportsmanship and safe practices. Take the time to show someone how to adjust their hop-up or how to clear a room. Answer the questions about your gear. Loan the kid with the clear plastic gun your gun for a round. Encourage and nurture our new players. It only takes a few minutes and you just might find, as I have, that passing on what you’ve learned can be truly gratifying.
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