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  1. As I start to dig into real steel rifles I kept running into a road block to acquire a true SBR and suppressor. After talking to my local gun dealer and some research on my own I found the best way, for me since I live in the great state of TEXAS, to obtain NFA items was to acquire a gun trust. On 5/7/2014 at 10:30am I filled out the online forms from http://199trust.com/ and received the gun trust the same day at 4:00pm. It only cost $99 bucks to get the trust done. The trust comes with all the paper work needed and easy to understand directions. Great customer service. Fast response and very reasonable on the price. I also have to thank my local gun shop http://www.westforkarmory.com/ for advising me and helping answer any questions I had.. Now the hardest part is to decide on which suppressor I want to get first.. Caveboy
  2. Yea I updated my info and deleted the old address. When I made the order I made sure the address was correct. I even had my wife check it. Evike's system or sorter defaulted to my last address shipped. I canceled payment with my credit card company.
  3. Moderators. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. My issue with EVIKE.COM Currently I am having an issue with Evike and I wanted my fellow airsoft players know to be aware of purchasing from Evike or any of the large online companies. 12/20/2013 I attempted to purchase some parts online with Evike. After verifying all billing and shipping address information I submitted my order. 12/24/2013 I received a shipping confirmation and tracking number. I noticed the shipping address listed is listed for an old address 5 hours away. I know I confirmed my shipping address before applying payment. The address was correct to my New and current address. I believe for some reason their system or personnel screwed up and shipped to the old address. 12/24/2013 I attempted to respond to the shipping confirmation email and received a bounce back that the email I replied to does not receive email. So I sent an email to customer service “There is an issue with the shipping address. I made sure I put in the correct shipping address and this package is being shipped to an old address. I need to have the product shipped to â€EDIT.†12/25/2013 Christmas “No Response†“which is fair and understood. 12/26/2013 I attempted to call the customer service line at 12:00pm Central (10:00AM Pacific Time). I was on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes with not one picking up. I attempted a 2nd call at 3:00PM Central Time (1:00PM Pacific Time) and was on hold for over an hour. 12/26/2013 I sent 2 emails concerning this issue. The first email was just like the previous email requesting shipping address adjustment. The 2nd email was requesting a customer service agent to call me since I was not able to get a hold of someone when I called. 12/26/2013 10:19PM I receive an email from Evike Customer service rep named Richard with the following email. Dear Customer, Please follow the link provided: http://www.ups.com/mychoice/ You can utilize the UPS MyChoice option to have the address changed for a fee of $5.00. UPS will charge you $12.00 to change the address when completed through us. As a result, you can save some money having the address changed on your own. Should you not be able to complete the intercept, please give us a call. Thank you! Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to let us know! Richard | Evike.com Inc. 12/26/2013 11:06PM I responded This is unacceptable and not an answer I would expect to hear from a large company like evike. I verified all address info and shipping before applying my payment. If evike is not able to resolve this issue I will cancel payment and dispute the charges. This is the reason I shop at my local store and pay more instead if dealing with crappy service from an online based company. I need to know what your solution to this matter will be. I will not pay more for your website issues. This answer will determine if will purchase from evike again. 12/27/2013 I received the following response and NO phone call. Dear Jonathan, Thank you for your inquiry. I have checked your package and it is still on its way to you to your listed address. It does take a few business days to get from here in California to you. Will | Evike.com Inc. 12/27/2013 I responded. “So with this response listed below I am taking this as evike had the address changed and will take care of me as the customer. If the product is not delivered to the correct address I will be forced to cancel payment. This has been the worse customer service I have had in the 12 years I have been purchasing airsoft product. I need a conformation the address was corrected.†This is the second time I have ordered from Evike and will be the last. Buyer beware Evike has very poor customer service. If I was not for sure I checked the address I would take the blame. But I checked the address 3 times. The address also matched the billing address to my credit card. Buyer Beware. I will be sticking with Kastway Airsoft. Caveboy
  4. I am inquiring if any one has used or does use the following camera: Drift Innovation HD 170 Action Stealth I have see alot of players use the Contour and GoPro. I could find only a few motorcycle reviews on the all mighty google. Thanks, Caveboy
  5. Popular Airsoft has launched the 3rd airsoft players choice awards survey. No registering, user name or password needed.. Takes less then 5 minutes.. Give some love to our vendors and the great organization of American Milsim http://www.popularairsoft.com/submit-your-nominees-3rd-airsoft-players-choice-awards
  6. I have personally purchased only new guns or surplus guns from local gun stores. No gun purchase is done with out many hours of research and thought. I have been souring the internet in search of my next purchase. I was wondering if any one had any tips or suggestions concerning purchasing a used gun. Pawn shops worry me when I know new a gun is around $600 and the pawn shop has it around $250. Let the community know your suggestions and thoughts. Thanks Caveboy
  7. This afternoon CrazyNCman posted a video talking about a gentlemen in Florida who has received permission and land from Florida to build a airsoft field. But is lacking the funds to make this field happen. See Video Please post your thoughts about this issue.
  8. Dont forget the gun cover.. Unless you really would like some new electronics...
  9. Which Vendors will be on site?
  10. Can we camp next to the AO? Tents only?
  11. caveboy


    Could some one fork out for the Hazmat permit and possibly sell some smoke at the event? Good quality please. I do not ask for much. Caveboy
  12. I want to extend my thoughts and prayers to those in the path of Hurricane Isaac. Even though it is only a Cat 1 storm things can still get dangerous. Caveboy P.S. Biglar and Russo dont get scared it will only be a little thunderstorm by the time it gets to Lake Charles.. Attached picture is my Hurricane plan.. DayZ until the power goes out then protecting my home..
  13. I want to attend but depends on work.. Come on new Job..
  14. So are you also saying it would be advisable for all the players to go to their favorite airsoft supplier and pickup a GoPro or a Contour for this OP? Will have my Contour ordered from Kastway Airsoft in 3, 2, 1.. Caveboy
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