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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. weapon control helps too. The face is a much smaller target than centre mass. Players should avoid face/head shots when they can. I know sometimes thats all that is peeking out, but @ 20ft there should be enough control to avoid. and at the same time, WE ALL KNOW THE RISK. but a wire mesh mask doesn't restrict that much air flow on a hot n humid day. at least for my fat ass.
  2. AMS limits 203 grenades per person. Running as a dedicated Grenadier is great if you can run with unlimited ammo. Yes, its an expense to run around and Nade everything, but if done right you'd be a valuable tool on the field. Tag vs hand grenades cost about the same. plus if you can time it right, the EG Flash grenades fit in a 203 tube like the Smoke and are effective.
  3. Hey, anyone from the Area driving down? My story is Im travelling through the country and end my trip in Dallas right before this Kicks off I wanna Go but I need a way to get my gear down and then back up after the event. I can get to the OP but If someone has some extra room that can haul my rear and gear back north after the OP, Id be ever grateful. Plus I'll obviously kick in some bucks for the ride.
  4. I doubt AMS is pocketing $165 per player and smiling all the way to the bank. Things like this cost money. as with anything, prices increase on stuff. I dont know any financials with anything related to AMS but Im sure all the staff on hand are not spending a weekend of their time watching you shoot BBs for their health, Im sure people wanna get something for their time. Different AOs cost more to use, especially Govt facilities which events push $200. I'm sure most of that is for the facility fee. As for BH, Its a small increase. $150 last year, $165 this year. Last year was $135 pre-reg. Plus as time goes on, Supply & Demand factors in. We are capitalists after all.
  5. I didnt see any DAM tickets listed
  6. guess no one is interested in a storyline. just show up and shoot.
  7. New to AMS. Looking for a lil more out of my Milsim experiences. Im not one to just pick a color and run. I get that some people do, but I am a storyline kind of guy and really wanna LARP it. Seems like this is more storyline based events. I've read the HNN news posts and posted backstory but would love to read the rest from 2014 to the now as well as the backstory of Sierra Dynamics is and how they now play into the dynamic of the game beside now just a new color scheme. thanks
  8. How'd you mod the Z-tac to work with 2 baofengs? I read they cannot work with 2 of the same kenwood radio connections.
  9. I couldn't find this post.
  10. What are some of your Dual Comm set ups like? I am looking into running 2 radios more and just want to see some of your ideas to rip off for my kit :-D But in all seriousness, would love some solid input on kit set up, pros/cons & advice on the Dual Comm set up.
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