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  1. I turned a flip-to-side magnifier in to the lost and found. I do not recall the brand, but it was found after the night game outside of the wall around the campground.
  2. Also if you donate blood they will send you a card with your type.
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  4. Based on the fact that you are a minor, according to the information in your profile, I would suggest not soliciting strangers on the internet for a ride to the other side of the country......
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  6. Does anyone know of any ops in May in the Florida/Georgia/Alabama/Mississippi/Louisiana area? Doesn't have to be a big multiday affair a decent one day op would be fine. Just looking to do an op around my birthday.
  7. Couldn't tell that it was a 417 from my phone so yes this would be able to be a DMR. As far as semi only is concerned, you can "semi lock" any rifle that comes with select fire.
  8. The base rifle must be a marksman rifle, i.e. an m4 with a long barrel is not considered a DMR. I am not 100% sure but I do believe that with this having an adjustable stock it will not fall into the DMR category, no matter what the length. Also, yes DMR's must be incapable of firing in full auto.
  9. But why are you carrying around a 4 day survival pack, bbs, and gas? The entire op isn't 4 days and the amount of time you are in the field is significantly less. Also you can not reload in the field. The only place you can reload an empty mag is in the FOB, so just secure your gear there.
  10. That sounds like an awful lot of mags to be lugging around all day. The purpose of having a fob is so that you are not overly encumbered while on the AO.
  11. The rules say that either box mags or high caps are acceptable. If you do not fill out your ammo limit with you can fill out your ammo limit with the other. I think the reason you would be limited to two box mags is that some hold 3k rounds and you can't really accurately measure how many rounds you are putting in.
  12. H. SSWs may use winding “High Cap†type magazines with no more than 5000 rounds in magazines. OR I. SSWs may carry two box magazines.
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