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  1. While there was no required safety brief at op34, they covered major/most common issues at the formation. I like this personally.
  2. Extra clothes are nice to have for if/when your others get dirty/wet but not an essential necessarily, just really nice to have. Good boots are essential, there is lots of hills/ravines and lots of walking and it sucks if your feet hurt. Pedialite or something rich in electrolytes/minerals/vitamins helps a lot. The tablets you can put in your bladder are good. Looks like it's only gonna be ~80 degrees but still kinda hot. Would suggest running as light weight as you can and ditching stuff like balaclavas and maybe helmet, roll up your sleeves. Backup guns, plenty of batteries, extra eye pro. 1 is none, 2 is one. Carb/Vitamin/Mineral rich snacks for on the field.
  3. Kermit

    Lost and Found

    Also a Black Gerber pocket knife (or was it Kershaw?) can't remember
  4. Kermit

    Lost and Found

    lost a plum/black AK midcap
  5. I agree somewhat. It seemed like a big attack and defend where they got to pre setup and wait for us. We quickly took a majority of the upper city, eventually getting the police station (which was quite a good bit of open space to get to) The other 2 buildings in the upper city were the mosque which their mobile respawn was behind and basically impossible to attack, and the other building the entrances could be covered by the mosque pretty easily and it was pretty easily defendable aswell. The rest of the field we couldn't really get to because we had to cross hella open ground to get to wherever we went and if we tried to go to the tunnel entrance in the ditch we just get hit by the mosque or one of the buildings they sat in. This AO is not good for a big attack and defend game with a lot of the AO being easily defendable and seemingly impossible to attack from where we could. Turned into a big stalemate. Our command didn't seem too good might have been apart of it. Second day was a little better, we could actually do some stuff and we got more buildings. The Blacksheep game at this AO I loved, it was more fair, less people, more missions etc.. Sounds like cost had a good time sitting in buildings shooting people running across large open areas at them a lot of times through "kill holes".
  6. I suggest not doing rule F for Events at MOUT sites where a lot of the fighting will be inside buildings or from building to building or in tunnels.
  7. will you guys have the big water truck buffalo thing like at BH1? if not, will there be something else to get water from out in the field? sorry if this is already answered somewhere.
  8. Not sure if I posted this in this thread yet or not. I suggest drinking pedialite and/or using electrolyte tablets during and after the game, really helps. I also like freezing my bladder the night before so it's cool on my back for a while while I'm playing.
  9. Yes! I love this new rule! This is coming from a pretty much full-time Rifleman btw.
  10. Not sure this will work for AMS's usual players.
  11. I had a great time, Don't really feel like writing up a full AAR at the moment.
  12. MC, lol Project honor camo... Aka ugly bandwagon camo...
  13. Would you sell these in person at Blue/Grey?
  14. Oh and Mutinous isn't a huge operation, if I'm not mistaken it's ran by one woman with the help of friends and family sometimes.
  15. Kind of hit or miss. Products and stuff are pretty nice/good quality but Customer service kind of sucks and my last 3 orders have taken 1-3 months to get to me and they weren't even large orders. My first 2 orders only took like a week though.
  16. Was hoping maybe there was a simple fix or something, CQB Op. this weekend I wanted to have it ready for if possible. Most likely will end up doing that.
  17. Took your guys's advice and got one of these, worked great for two games now I'm having this issue. On my elite force 1911 tac the hammer does not fall when I pull the trigger. Having the slide on or off makes no difference, engaging or disengaging the safety or beaver tail safety makes no difference. I have lubed it prior to it doing this and even more now that it did it. I can pull the trigger and see multiple parts inside the lower moving when I do so, it just doesn't make the hammer go forward. Anyone know what's wrong? I've never taken apart a pistol lower or I would try and find out myself. Did manage to get this footage while it was working though:
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