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  1. Hey Guys! Good to hear form you all. The only news that I have right now on the TNVC Rentals is that we will not have them for Copperhead and we are still working on it for BH4. TNVC is working hard to have an order arrive just for this. According to TNVC they are waiting for the tubes to be built and there is issues at the manufacturing level so it is not TNVCs fault. We are so sorry and so is TNVC. We are waiting to hear back and will let you guys know as soon as we know more! Thanks again!!! Silva
  2. LOVE you man! you did a GREAT job...you and PHIL should be proud! Hellova fight by UFS and you can tell me what to do anytime....well.. almost.. lol
  3. GREAT GAME guys! So proud of both teams and their leadership! Please take time to thank your command for all the work they did to make sure you guys had a great time! These guys don't get to rurally get in the fight and do what you guys do. This was the first time we had TWO new CO's and they did an outstanding job! Thanks CANDY and ZIPPO! I can tell you one thing.. When we put all this work into events and they pan out the right way and you guys are happy.. there is not much more satisfying than that. Thank you all for your support of AMS and we will see you on the field!
  4. Jarrado. More attention that you can possibly fathom SIr. lol Sorry you did not have a good time..honestly. I Hope that you will attend another and see how it goes. For the record as you will see there is a TON of people that did have a good time. just saying.
  5. Gentlemen, We understand that there was hiccups for some people and also that there were a large amount of people that had a great time. However.. please do not think for one second that we are not in the process of working on the appropriate changes to make sure our games are better in every way. We have had a pretty good string of success over that past 3 years.. good games.. great games and a few that did not go as well as we had hoped. Guess what.. that's how it is. Sure it stings to hear how things did not go well for players. Actually it stings more than you know. But we want to know so that we can attempt for it not to happen again. American Milsims goal is to continue to improve, make changes as the player base deems necessary and continue to find better locations. Bottom line we at AMS thank you for your comments, feedback and taking the time to express what you did like and did not like about our events. Thank you again for your time here on the Forum! Silva!
  6. Ok.. I don't get on here as much as I would like to but...Here it is. Good Start Rick.. Well said partner. Let's get one thing 100% perfectly clear. WE (AMS) very much appreciate the players coming out to IRONCLAD to support AMS. More importantly we like..... better yet expect nothing less than ALL of our players to voice their opinion on the event and give us ideas on how we can improve as well as thank us for what we DO do right. With this being said I would ask everyone that is reading this to sit back.....take a deep breath and remember what we are doing here. This is Airsoft/Milsim/BBwarz/roleplaying.. heck whatever. We are all VERY fortunate to be able to spend our weekend enjoying the sport/hobby and spending time with friends. This event in particular was full of new players. New players to AMS games, Misim games, big games whatever you want to call it and I saw it all weekend. I truly think for the most part as I was playing on Saturday and Admining on Sunday that the majority of these players that were making mistakes did them out of lack of experience not negligence. Dragging- I actually witnessed it done correctly more than not. It is a new rule and even our veteran players make the mistake time to time in the heat of the fight and forget to go through the motions. I cannot begin to tell you how many people tell me how much fun they had being dragged and dragging. The ones I do call out that are doing it wrong you can see it that they feel bad they forgot or simply got caught. lolol Dead Rags- This was a bit of an issue as people lost them or forgot to put them on immediately after being shot. Not doing this can cause a multitude of problems. It is imperative that these stay on you while you are walking back to the FOB etc. (whole other topic) Eyepro- YES YES YES YES.. this is an issue and it's simply ridiculous how people will not wear full seal moreover where retaining cable around their head to make sure their eye pro stays on at all times. We are LAYING DOWN the HAMMER on this moving forward. Admins- This is always an issue at events. We are lucky to have people come out and help us in this area. We (AMS) know that this is an area that we need to improve upon. I think every event promoter would say the same. I MUST SAY that Sunday I was on the TOP monitoring all the action as Tan made one heck of a push and it was there that I lost my voice from yelling so much concerning all off these issues above. The good part about it was I just had this sense that the players were really trying to do the right thing as it was almost like they just got so caught up in the action that their old habits came out. (not dragging) (forgetting to pull dead rag out immediately) etc. I knew going into this event we would have a fair amount of new players that are not used to the rules and how our games play out. Organization piece- lol well .. lets put it this way. AMS was accused early on of intervening to much in the games. SO....we listened to our players and handed over the throne. Command has all they need to make the event a success. See... the thing is that it all looks great on paper but once the gun goes off to its like herding cats. Like I said the other day when someone asked me if there was ONE thing you could do in airsoft to make it better what would it be... I simply said "I wish that everyone truly knew the rules and followed them" . Can you imagine how great of a game it would be? So look.. we work so hard on this company that most of you cannot imagine. We are not perfect by any means and we love nothing more than to listen to our customers and make changes accordingly. As for my side.. I am getting blown up all morning from people telling me how much fun they had and how they cannot wait to come to the next game. Again.. let us remember what we are doing here and be thankful that we are able to have such freedoms and help make the sport better when we can and how we can. Forgot to add this... I was VERY impressed with the stamina and the relentless pursuit and patience of both teams. There were some GREAT firefights and movement to contact that was a joy to watch and be a part of and to those guys and gals you know who you are .. I loved it!!! Silva
  7. Thank you Danarchy, We are very appreciative of your support and leadership. SO glad that you had a good time and came out to support the cause! We look forward to seeing you soon! Silva
  8. Thank you guys for all the feedback. I will be constructing a fairly in depth review of the event from my eyes. (Admin) There is a fair amount of topics I want to cover and some things that need to be said. I am so glad to hear that the majority of the feedback has been good and I am so glad to hear that people understand when things go wrong from time to time. Most importantly I can assure you all of this.... we will be having a SERIOUS AAR amongst the team and staff to make sure some of the things we implemented are either enforced more or tweaked a bit. I CANNOT begin to thank all of you for supporting AMS and keeping this train rolling. Whether or not some of you believe it or not we REALLY care about each and every player and it is a constant struggle to make sure that we are doing what we can to at least TRY and keep everyone happy. Sorry you had to listen to me all weekend...not only in the safety briefing but on stage.. lololol Silva OUT
  9. SUP. Ok for those of you that love the high life we have set you up with a discount for the casino that is very close to the field. Details. Code for reservation specialist lady thingy MILSIM Dates you can book rooms for. 22nd-26th Rate $79 per night Amenities: $10 free play when you arrive. 10% off food venues on site. Rooms are for 2 queens. Please call 888-992-7591 or 918-666-9200 THE CATCH:... YOU must book these rooms no later than the 9th of MAY or the discount will no longer apply. BAM! Go BOOK your rooms asap. There is ONLY 40 rooms available...DOOOO EEEET
  10. LBX pants DO have inserts for the internal Knee pads!
  11. SHHHHHH.. we are getting to that guys! ... SOON!
  12. This is a great concept! I would like to have the AO hot for the 12 hours. If you wanted to head to the car for something or to rest you could. Those that want to stay in the action the entire time can do so. A fair amount of this can fall on CO XO and how they want to run their teams. Could keep everyone on the AO and take breaks at the FOB during the action that way you are always involved to some extent. This is a great AO to do this in and I personally think its a great idea....COUGH..." its mine" Cough
  13. Ladies and Gents. Thank you all or coming to ESR-19 2. Yes the weather was brutal but we all made it home.. hopefully you did..lolol From the "its going to be sunny this afternoon" to "lets have the raffle indoors so we don't die" stuff.. it was a blast. Now. on Topic here..... We are so glad that the majority of you guys/gals loved the new medic rule. I am so proud of you all that had the integrity to use the new rule to its potential. I for one had a blast dragging a few people from their ankles to cover but most importantly see you all really try and do it right. We really think in the long haul this new rule will truly help unit and squad cohesion (love this term) because it will make you want to stick together and work more as a team. Make this rule your own... take responsibility for it. When people see YOU doing it right and reminding others of the correct way it will help everyone get accustomed to it and it will become second nature. Again.. please make sure that you take a quick second to observe your surroundings before dragging a player to safety. Glass, metal wire.. etc can be nasty so try and use your best judgment! Thanks again you guys and please post here your stories, feedback etc to the new rule and let us know what you think! Silva out
  14. SUP JED! Thanks for the visit!
  15. Welcome Bob! Hope to see you out this year!
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