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  1. What about the stripes on the CoST flags and the bars on the UFS flag? Do they mean anything as well?
  2. I seem to be really getting into the lore as of late. Something I've noticed is that the UFS circular star thing only has 45 stars rather than 50 like the current US flag. However, with the CoST flag there would be 50 stars, so I'm wondering if this is intentional and how much meaning was placed in the design of both flags. In addition, I'd like to know how'd I go about asking permission to make a product bearing the flags (for myself, of course and not to sell) and if it'd be considered rude or offensive to alter the current design for both faction's flags if allowed. But, again, my biggest interest as of now is where did AMS get the idea for the designs?
  3. I saw that, Specs. Too bad they don't come in XL which is my size. :/ Edit: Downs, I've considered a jumpsuit but I don't think I will. I'm sort of trying to emulate the Mexican Army uniforms (hence the OD top with the color). Admittedly, they do use legit camo and not solids, still gonna look vaguely reminiscent. Also, the gentleman with the WWII Paratrooper uniform. I didn't think those styles would be allowed. Not because they're too antique but because of the OD Helmet with Tan uniform. EDITx2: Cancel that, I found it. Thanks to everyone who commented, I appreciate the insight.
  4. Love it. I love this. A bit modern, but I will perhaps consider this. I really appreciate your concern, but I'll be fine. My loadout doesn't use a vest but a harness even though what I'm going for perhaps really should. I used to live in Texas (admittedly, it was the panhandle), and currently live in California now. It won't be that bad, I feel though I will look for something lighter in similar fashion if need be. For now, not an issue.
  5. I have yet to actually get into a MilSim game, but I've been planning to with a few friends and my cousin. I have a solid OD loadout for normal matches and that'd be perfect for CoST. However, there is a chance my friends would want to go UFS which isn't all that bad. Faction is totally unimportant to me, though I like the backstory for CoST a bit more. I'm FAIRLY certain that it'd be okay to switch between game to game, so whatever. My issue is I can't find a solid tan version of my current loadout. It's maddening, really. I've looked for tops that even come close and when I thought I had something, I discovered they didn't have my size. So, I'm a tad bitter about that. Worse yet, things I intend to get I can't even find in tan such as a helmet cover for the PASGT Helmet. I can find olive drab covers, no problem, but the closest to Tan is desert camo and I'm a bit biased towards having camo on my kit. I'm a bit superstitious as I prefer solid colors on my loadout. So, now I'm asking for help hoping that some UFS veterans know a little something I don't. Currently, this is my OD top. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0126TKRZA/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=S04LDJ64N6L6&coliid=I24GBXBAYDNP38 If someone could lead me in the right direction for a top that has the velcro bit for patches and looks as similar to that as possible, please let me know. I'd love the help for a potential kit. I'm almost tempted to say screw it and look for a top that doesn't look anything like my OD, provided it has the patches portions. But, again. I'd rather not. Thank you for your time.
  6. So... this is what heartbreak feels like. :c Oh, well. Bayonets are just a visage from another time, I suppose. A more poetic time, where through wet trenches and clouds of gas, perhaps the sun could still be had... Such is life. :c Edit: Alright, collected myself. Now, referring to the answer for 4. I was under the impression that gear could be any color, is it just that the vest linked covers too much or are tan vests not allowed at all for the CoST and vice versa for UFS?
  7. Oh, alright. So, if it's a faithful reconstruction. Originally, I wasn't going to go for it and was just going to get midcaps, but I kinda want to see how far I can get now. Ignoring that, there are plenty of questions that aren't answered and I'd appreciate an answer to them if you could. 3, 4, and 5 in particular. And as a follow up to six, any launcher regardless of size, can be considered anti-vehicle provided it shot a nerf rocket, correct? Edit: Also, would the HWS have a minimum weapon engagement distance with their launchers?
  8. Oh, so it could vary from event to event? I read about them inspecting guns before, may I ask what they're looking for and what I should be aware of?
  9. Well, that was a hypothetical example as it was the most random headwear I could think of as I was writing. However, I think I picked up the hint that so long as it's well within reason, ie an M1 Helmet and/or a Pith Helmet as opposed to a Mickey Mouse Hat and/or Morion Helmet, it should be fine. As a bit of a follow up, headgear is necessary as it helps identification, correct? And a bandana would count as headgear, provided it goes over the top of the head or if it's wrapped around your forehead would that suffice? Kinda figured for the G3, which I'm actually fine with. And another hypothetical followup question (which you might REALLY hate). Some folks convert guns to become other guns that aren't often available for sale from the market such as an AK-47 to MG 08/15, an M-14 to DP 28, or an M14 again to a G43. Would converted weapons still be allowed provided they pass chrono? If so, would they be considered from what they were made from like the AK-47 and M-14 or what they appear to be now, such as the DP 28 and G43? If the latter, if I converted the G3 into an HK21, would it be considered an HK21 or would it be too similar to the G3 to even make a difference? (Note, I don't intend to convert the G3 to an HK21 because as small of a difference they have my hands are too clumsy for careful modifications and the like) I apologize now for the slew of "what ifs" as I know they can get annoying very fast.
  10. Thanks for the reply, SlimJim0o. Regarding your responses that provided answers: 1) If any headgear is allowed, does that mean that a green Mickey Mouse hat would be allowed as well as other ridiculous items? 2) Are there any rules, though? I thought I saw something concerning not allowing civilian weaponry and from what I could tell implied that all manner of weapons that was adopted by any military at any point would be allowed. 8) If a DMR is too low can it still be considered a DMR? Say it hit 400 even or 399. Could it still be used as such? 9) No follow up questions for this, wanted to let you know that you're right and I misread it originally. Hard.
  11. Double post, hoping for an answer to a few of these questions.
  12. Read the timeline. Really like the story to it thus far. Pretty interesting. As for the kill them all and let God sort it out, that's fair enough for me. Though I am still curious why it's CoST and not CSS. Too close to CSA, maybe?
  13. Wait, would CoST be CSS then? Officially, "of" is ignored in abbreviations such as in USA and CSS would reflect Sovereign States more. Anyways... Ignoring that, what does UFS believe in? Like do they believe in Laissez-Faire trading policy, is the current government ran by a president recycling the old structure from the former US, what's their foreign policy like, and what are some of the highlights of their political practice?
  14. I didn't think I'd be commenting too much, but I kinda want to voice in, despite not actually being a player in the MilSim world just yet. News Reporters only wear helmets in military zones, iirc. I don't think I've ever seen a news reporter in full military garb, a helmet and maybe just a bullet resistant vest. Thus, provided the reporter doesn't wear khakis to work I doubt they'd be shot under the circumstances of "They dressed like the enemy!" Rather, I think black or blue pants with a white shirt and a black helmet or gray helmet with a black or gray vest. Include those reflectors for the helmet and vest maybe, idk, but the idea certainly has a lot of merit behind it.
  15. So, in my journey that is dipping my toe in the pools of MilSim, I discovered American MilSim. Go figure, amirite?! Yes, yes. I'm sure it was hard to believe with me leaving a couple threads on the Website. That being said, there is an abundance of information that I've been taking in. I have asked a good number of questions already concerning the technical portion but now I'm curious about the background. As far as I can tell, a Civil War has broken out at some point and two factions have emerged to fight it, being CoST and UFS. One tan and the other green. Now, with that being said, I'd like to know MORE about the factions and how they work. As in, were either of them made from the government of the former United States (clearly less United than ever). If neither weren't, then who are they? Where did they come from? What are they fighting for? What do they believe in? What do they believe the other believes in? UFS seems to be beating CoST right now, so shows the map on the home page. Does UFS outnumber CoST or was it just a series of defeats for CoST? If one faction does outnumber the other for a game, is there an email that is sent out to encourage people to come in the other color or is it allowed? I suppose what I'm saying is, what are the details behind the scenes and what are we trying to immerse ourselves in, exactly?
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