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    slimjim00 reacted to Peaches in Grenadier Load out Question   
    A friend and myself plan to go to an event next year. We're taking this year to gather gear and test and refining them.
    My primary will be an ares amoeba am-013 with an m203. Secondary will be ef 1911 tac. I'll also have available a gen 1 nvg rifle scope and peq (this is more because a local crew runs night games near me).
    I plan to go as a grenadier, but having only done this is skirmishes, I was hoping I could get advice.
    I am planning to run two simultaneous set ups. A chest rig with six built in mag pouches, eight 40mm pouches, radio pouch. And two grenade pouches and built in hydro carrier.
    My second set up will be a battle belt with straps, four 40mm pouches, two back up m4 mag pouches, medic bag, and an additional radio pouch. Two grenade pouches.
    My plan is, if I want to strip down for a quick rush, I can drop my primary load from my chest rig, but have enough ammo for a skirmish.
    I am fairly adapt at carrying weight over a long period, I used to do multi day hiKes in mountains, deserts and forest enviroments (not that I'm a survivalist), so I understand minimalistic approaches work best, and creating an evenly loaded weight distribution.
    Presume all pouches will carry ammo (rig will have four m4 mags, belt will have two). I'll also have my hpa system running. And a backpack for extra ammo, gas, food, so are set of clothes, etc.
    Should I remove any items, or be adding anything? What do you grenadiers run? Pics are most appreciated.
    Thank you,
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    slimjim00 reacted to VoodooFDF in CoST "10 hrs away from parking lot" logistical questions   
    Thank you all so much! I was planning based on last years schedule I thought, which had a break. The clarification of '10 hour straight, on the other end of AO' was a great surprise. I had to rethink this entire event and my approach. In paintball it was skirmish then tailgate, repeat. I now see this is a full 10 hour immersion!!! Im nervous and cant wait!!!! My poor wife though is just nervous....
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    slimjim00 got a reaction from VoodooFDF in CoST "10 hrs away from parking lot" logistical questions   
    Our squad is packing everything needed out onto the field, and we will return to the truck Saturday night to recharge everything.

    (My apologies if you know this already, but once game ends everyone returns back to camping area until the next day kicks off)
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    slimjim00 reacted to Alex AMS in Milsim West Tourniquet   
    We have changed the rules so that Medics and Squad Leaders can give aid. 
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    slimjim00 got a reaction from The Rick in *UPDATED* Camping/Parking/RV   
    Hey Rick, just to make sure I'm reading it right - those of us with RVs or large trailers can park on the asphalt and sleep in our rigs correct? We are pulling a 20 something foot trailer for our squad to sleep in.
    Thanks in advance!
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    slimjim00 reacted to Greg.AMS in *UPDATED* Camping/Parking/RV   
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    slimjim00 reacted to XA Adan in Enola Gaye Flash Grenade 3.0 available for IH2!!   
    Hey guys!!


    I am pumped because the new Enola Gaye Flash Grenade is here for IRONHORSE 2!! They are $8.00 a piece and discounts are available for peeps who want to buy cases. They are available on our website now for pre-orders!!


    Here is a link to the Flash Grenade : http://bit.ly/2ilq1aY


    ** These are not for standard retail sale and can be only sold at AMS events and used there. **

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    slimjim00 reacted to ChibiPotatoes in Lone player issues   
    I'll expound on what I wrote yesterday -- it was quite the rush at work so I didn't manage to type up all that I wanted to.

    I got into MilSim almost entirely based on watching YouTube videos. I remember seeing all kinds of footage from Faded Giant 4 and thought "Man, I love airsoft and I really want to go to one of these MilSim events." The catch for me, though, was the fact that the airsoft community where I'm from -- near Memphis -- is really spread out and rather small. I literally didn't know anyone that would be interested in jumping into MilSim with me. I registered for Ironhorse and the DAM almost entirely on a whim and had no idea what to expect.

    I drove to Perry solo and I remember how unbelievably nervous I was waiting in my car at 10:30 Friday evening before my DAM; I was a new guy that literally knew nothing or what to expect and I was almost intimidated by my DAM-mates in all their gear and equipment.
    But it was here that I met two gentlemen from Wisconsin who have become very close friends of mine in airsofting (we've been to three or four events together, at this point, and we'll be rolling together again at IH2). Not just them, though, everyone on the DAM was super nice and super friendly; excited to see someone new. They taught me a lot and the DAM was an amazing experience.

    The next day was the same story. I got to meet my squadmates who were super accommodating and welcoming; it was incredible to me how welcoming the airsoft community was (perhaps I was lucky in this sense) and has been as I've dragged several of my friends into the hobby. It's lit a fire in my that's fueled my passion for airsoft ever since.
    After all, airsoft is about making friends and having fun! Ironhorse was an amazing event and an amazing AO, I have no doubts that you'll enjoy it -- solo or not!

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    slimjim00 reacted to The Rick in How to enter Guardian Center   
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    slimjim00 reacted to Blackbird in Yet another SAW ammo question...   
    I actually do both. It's two box mags, or one box mag and hicaps. They limit you to two boxes for exactly the reason shortround mentioned.

    I find one box mag is cumbersome enough. but ultimately it's up to you.
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    slimjim00 got a reaction from Astronic in The Price is Right... Unfortunately   
    Good post, especially considering I'm in the same boat.
    I think if you look at it as "Total cost just to play a milsim OP" it's gonna be pretty damn steep. For me, I'm an indoor player making the jump to milsim so it's not *quite* as bad. Gear is something I'm slowly acquiring as I figure out what works and what doesn't.
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    slimjim00 reacted to Astronic in The Price is Right... Unfortunately   
    So, just a question, what's a good price for a starting milsim loadout? Right now it's $435. I don't know if I want to spend that much
    Questions: How much was your first Airsoft loadout?
    How much should I pay?
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    slimjim00 reacted to Loco Actual in UFS/CoST Tickets   
    The last time this many people wanted to pick a side based on color, Abraham Lincoln was president.
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    slimjim00 reacted to The Rick in So Just How much of the Facility will be part of the AO?   
    Great question.  Let me get the map updated so you have something to plan from.  
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    slimjim00 got a reaction from PoeticPariah in To Ask Many Things   
    Blue text is my attempt at answering your questions - please note that I've never hit an American Milsim Event, just read through the rulebook a few times. At the very least I hope someone with more wisdom can correct me or add on additional info
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    slimjim00 got a reaction from Downs in Radios and NVG Query   
    Here is a link to the Baofeng UV-5R I picked up after reading up on advice from folks here, and being informed that the cheaper talkabouts won't cut it. Doing some testing with the teammates next week after theirs have arrived, then going to decide on if we need external antennas or not.
    Affiliate link -> http://amzn.to/1U8UWn8
    Direct link -> http://www.amazon.com/BaoFeng-UV-5R-Dual-Radio-Black/dp/B007H4VT7A/ref=sr_1_4?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1451083863&sr=1-4&keywords=baofeng+uv-5r
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