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  1. If you are on Facebook check out the group "Airsofters of Georgia". There's usually something going on every weekend for pickup games, and a ton of the dudes who hit the national milsim events also play weekend games.
  2. I respectfully disagree. With only SL and medic's able to keep our squad moving forward it helps keep our unit together. If you're never getting medic'd it may be a squad level problem. I dig how the rules are now.
  3. Any chance you were there this past Sunday?
  4. Hey Peaches, My teammate is running a pretty similar system as yours. Since he is using the TAG rounds out of his launcher (and you aren't allowed to reload the TAG system on the field) he doesn't carry any extra 203 rounds so he's saving a good bit of weight. I don't run a 203, but with my HPA system I have (8) M4 mag pouches (one holds an extra dead rag and extra map), hydration pack, battle belt, dump pouch, admin pouch, and four or five thermo grenades on me. I think the total fully loaded weight of my kit is around the 20lb mark.
  5. Hey Vulp, how often do you play at Power Ops airsoft? I have a team that plays there fairly often, and we will be at IronHorse this weekend as well.
  6. Our squad is packing everything needed out onto the field, and we will return to the truck Saturday night to recharge everything. (My apologies if you know this already, but once game ends everyone returns back to camping area until the next day kicks off)
  7. Our team will have clear ponchos on us in case the weather turns sour
  8. No worries there, we will be rolling in fairly late Friday after we all get off work. Fortunately this OP is only a couple of hours away from us! See ya'll there.
  9. Hey all, quick question about the TAG rounds and what the kill zones are. I've read through the rules quite a bit, but this question stems from an on field conversation our squad had with Rick at Faded Giant (Who, if you are reading this, handled the situation like a champ - we greatly appreciated discussing the rule/kill radius with you in a calm manner instead of the usual red faced screaming matches we have seen with other organizations.) So, on to my point. The rules state that HWS rockets have a kill zone of 15 feet at the POI (used to be 25ft IIRC) - does this mean that if a reaper round explodes in air we kinda spitball the 15ft kill zone from when it explodes (even if it's in the air)? Thanks in advance
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  11. Just ordered a half case of flash grenades for our team, this milsim is gonna rock!
  12. Hey Rick, just to make sure I'm reading it right - those of us with RVs or large trailers can park on the asphalt and sleep in our rigs correct? We are pulling a 20 something foot trailer for our squad to sleep in. Thanks in advance!
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  14. Dude I'd really try and get off for Saturday if possible, the two day weekend is what really makes it worth the coin. Noobs are welcome, make sure you play with your gear/practice before hand and bring spares of stuff. Nothing worse then paying for a nice shiny ticket then having something break in the first hour!
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