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  1. Do we know if the dates will vary significantly next year for BS? I ask because in order to get off for these dates I need to go ahead and ask now.
  2. Somewhere along the lines of packing up all my gear leaving Ironhorse I lost the small pvc patch that we are given. Does AMS sell these or are they only given out at events?
  3. If I purchased a ticket for a teammate for the CoST team but he wants to switch to UFS would this be possible? If so what are the steps needed to take?
  4. Typically, most m4 magazines will work with most M4/AR platforms. As THEJP stated, if you aren't sure you can buy just one then buy more if it works.
  5. Actually, that was the kind of answer I was looking for. Now, on one hand I like the fact that there is no full auto, but the downside is No MED. So my concern was having that one ahole who thinks they are a bad ass walking 3 feet in front of me and shooting me. Somehow I feel like this can/does cause issues with people.
  6. Is there a reason there is no MED for AEG? I understand 400> is acceptable however when we are doing inside engagements does this ever pose issues?
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