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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Yeah, my crew and I were wondering the same thing about whether or not Elijah Road would be open.
  2. I imagine it's safe to assume that those of us going to the DAM at Blacksite might also expect a packing list? I'm sure most of the stuff will crossover, but I have a mate that's going to this DAM and he's never been to one before.
  3. Hmm. Odd. Whenever I'm trying to check out and selecting the option for pick-up, it's still tagging on a hazmat fee.
  4. Quick question, Adan -- if I wanted to pre-order pyro and pick it up at the event, would the hazmat charge still apply?
  5. The AOR2 for PSA is giving me an excuse to actually get some AOR2 camo, lol.
  6. Welcome to AMS and thank you for your service! In regards to your question, I don't think there are any restrictions on what type of BB you can put in your grenades -- honestly, most of the guys that use grenades in my crew roll with the .20s. Also, as far as I know, you can use whatever weight BB you like in your gun as long as the gun itself chronos under the appropriate FPS with the designated BB weight (.20s for AEGs and .32s for Gas/HPA).
  7. Welcome to AMS, Devin! If you can make to Ironhorse, the Guardian Centers are a great AO -- it's where I went through my first milsim and ti is definitely an event worth going to!
  8. I'll expound on what I wrote yesterday -- it was quite the rush at work so I didn't manage to type up all that I wanted to. I got into MilSim almost entirely based on watching YouTube videos. I remember seeing all kinds of footage from Faded Giant 4 and thought "Man, I love airsoft and I really want to go to one of these MilSim events." The catch for me, though, was the fact that the airsoft community where I'm from -- near Memphis -- is really spread out and rather small. I literally didn't know anyone that would be interested in jumping into MilSim with me. I registered for Ironhorse and the DAM almost entirely on a whim and had no idea what to expect. I drove to Perry solo and I remember how unbelievably nervous I was waiting in my car at 10:30 Friday evening before my DAM; I was a new guy that literally knew nothing or what to expect and I was almost intimidated by my DAM-mates in all their gear and equipment. But it was here that I met two gentlemen from Wisconsin who have become very close friends of mine in airsofting (we've been to three or four events together, at this point, and we'll be rolling together again at IH2). Not just them, though, everyone on the DAM was super nice and super friendly; excited to see someone new. They taught me a lot and the DAM was an amazing experience. The next day was the same story. I got to meet my squadmates who were super accommodating and welcoming; it was incredible to me how welcoming the airsoft community was (perhaps I was lucky in this sense) and has been as I've dragged several of my friends into the hobby. It's lit a fire in my that's fueled my passion for airsoft ever since. After all, airsoft is about making friends and having fun! Ironhorse was an amazing event and an amazing AO, I have no doubts that you'll enjoy it -- solo or not!
  9. Solo players will get lumped into a squad. Don't fret, honestly, I went to the first Ironhorse entirely by myself, but I made a whole bunch of friends from around the country. Since then I've squaded with many of them on and off at different events, so don't be afraid to go on your own!
  10. I'm assuming you're talking about the mag nozzle to feed the gas, right? It looks alright as well, I'll have to double check it. The rocket valve looks fine as well.
  11. I posted this up on the reddit today, but I wanted to directly ask my fellow AMSers if they've encountered this problem before and what possible fixes there could be. I recently got a Glock 26A because I love the Glock series and specifically the aesthetic of TM's 26 Advance. As you might expect I had to get it shipped in two packages. I just got the rest of it in yesterday, got it all assembled and whatnot, filled it up with some duster gas (as I've heard it's a good alternative to the HFC134a gas recommended for TM) and got one solid magazine out of it. Took it out today, and it seems like my gun (or mag perhaps) is dumping all of the gas after one trigger pull. When I got for a second pull, it slides back ever so slightly and dumps what I have left in the mag Is that a problem with the mag or the gun itself? I checked the hammer that presses up against the rocket valve on the mag and it seems to be operating fine, so I'm stumped.
  12. Hey, man, sorry for the late reply. Been pretty busy at work and I haven't been a on the forums as I would like, lol. Anyway, first recommendation is to get something other than the stock. I usually run Valken and Matrix NiMH or Li-po batteries. Interesting tidbit, though, is that the TRX13 runs on a 9.6 Custom type battery (if I'm not mistakn), and finding batteries of that type can be harder than others.
  13. I know you've already purchased your rifle, but I'll go ahead and post this for future reference. I've always heard generally good things about Echo1. I've heard very few negative things about it and -- like Specs -- I own an AK700 which I've had for a little under a year at this point and absolutely love it. I've literally not touched the internals and its performs amazing, I always carry it around to MilSims because it's an extremely reliable rifle. Now, ICS is about 50/50 with my team. I have a teammate who owns an ICS L85 which shoots amazing out of the box, there's very little wrong with that gun and its performance holds up to other rifles in my collection. On the flipside, my other teammate bought an ICS 416 which was absolute crap. One can chalk that up to him getting that one bad rifle in a thousand, but it is terrible. Awful wiring, shoots terrible, and there's nothing good to be said about it. As my team's guntech, I've seen the internals of that thing more than I have my own custom built guns. If I were to make a firsthand recommendation, Echo1 all the way.
  14. Welcome to the community, man! It can actually be said of the Memphis area as well, we're sort of a blackhole for airsoft. We have a small community here, but if we want to play with larger numbers we have to travel up to Nashville. But, with that being said, I highly encourage you guys to check out www.airsoftc3.com -- it's still sort of a work in progress, but the C3 crew is really trying hard to make it easier to bring the community together and they've been doing great work. Hope to see you guys at an event soon!
  15. I like it. The 300S is pretty adjustable; it was quite tight out of the box, honestly, but now that I've got it sort of fitted to my body it's nice. I'm a pretty small-framed individual myself and I always wonder whether or not something will fit. Pretty much the only reason I pulled the trigger on my 300S was because LBX was having a sale on their Caiman and I'm too OCD not to have matching everything, lol.
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