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  1. The best possible way to do this is to fully utilize the medics in the builds. You carry 2 bandages, use em. When you're all KIA or combat ineffective then you can vacate the buildings, then you can go back to respawn and try again. If we are not going to use medics in the buildings, might as well just scrap the idea of medics for this Op. But I do agree with pre-tieing medic bands. When someone goes down in a real world situation, it's not like you can just pre-tie shit. Having to actually work at it as a medic makes not only the medic role useful, but having the medic role more hands on. Using medics went well for Shelby, and it needs to be the same. If not, it comes to what I to refer to as the "Sovereign Fury Clusterfuck", in which you fight over buildings so much and they change hands faster than they should, you wind up with just a big clusterfuck over builds. Things get bored and stale that way. You get bored with that and it gets to the point to where you don't even want to fight for the buildings, you just want to stay outside. Being able to use what you have is the best possible route to go. Also, having a 4 foot long bandage is just to much. 2 feet is more than perfect. The same with the drag rule. If your medic cannot get to you, it's up to you to carry your teammate to the medic if you can. I like that aspect. But of course there are some exceptions to that rule. I'm not gonna drag a teammate through broken glass or over something that could potentially hurt the person. Also, like other teams, squad cohesion is key. If the medic rule states that you have to leave the moment you are KIA, I'm going to tell my guys not to do that. I'm not going to have my squad split up just cause of a rule, I'm going to keep everyone together. I will say just stand in a corner and put your dead rag on. And when it comes to it that we are all KIA or I say we are combat ineffective, we will leave as a unit. Cause everyone knows that if you split up with your team, chances are it'll be a while till you see them again. That's just how things go. Yea, you're main point is to get back to your squad, but when you're traveling back to your team something always pops up, you gotta go shoot here and shoot there. I've seen it many times at other OPs that squads are just scattered. But that's also on the team leader of that squad. Also, one thing I want to touch on; IFAKs. We all carry them so It's time to utilize them properly. What I'd like to see if that you carry one bandage on your person in your IFAK. If you get hit, it is your priority to bandage that wound from your own medical supplies that you carry. Cause the sole purpose of an IFAK is so you can bandage yourself til real medical help can get to you. The second bandage, your squad medic carries. After the 2nd hit, you are unable to medic yourself cause your supplies are depleted from your IFAK and you must seek proper medical attention. Your medic comes over, takes a bandage out of his med kit and covers your wound. After all bandages are used, then you all respawn. That's what I'd like to see. It would really take the IFAK to the next level. But in short, allow medics to do their job in the buildings. Keep the drag rule, and the bandages need to 2' long.
  2. Make no mistake guys, the facility is actually pretty large. You will enjoy it.
  3. Steel Dragons, although not CDF will gladly help.
  4. No, but it damn sure helps. You can be just as effective battling those with NVGs with a good weapon light and just a little bit of moonlight.
  5. When I get back from Shelby at the end of January, I'll have my guys ready to roll.
  6. I thought you were (Dave) Blackbeard. I was gonna say something about you being a Jew and how you love the money from all your department stores, or something of that nature. But that's not you. But welcome aboard! I'll be honest, once you get into it, you get bit. It's like a pool of tar, once it gets you, you've been got! Pretty good gun choice. VFC is a very reputable company, and the 416 is hot! Hotter than a hogmollies with some green beans. Aunt Shelly put her ankles into that! Mmmm good! You'll like it up in the DFW area. That area is prime for airsoft. It's one of the bigger communities in Texas. If you're on Facebook, they have a group for that area, just search North Texas Airsoft. It usually covers all of the area. It's an awesome community. I look forward to seeing you out on the field. American MilSim is at the top of their game. We just got done with an amazing 2013 season and we all expect 2014 to be even better!
  7. Yes. I want my same bunk as last year.
  8. Glad to have you aboard!
  9. I am Raptorkat, your Commanding Officer. I have sent out emails to everyone who has registered so far. Please everyone, check your email!
  10. Damn.. It's been a while since I've seen this field. It will be a good time to return.
  11. Honestly it's good and bad. Mutinous has had it's problems, it's just a whole bunch of kids doing it. Some have spectacular business with them, some have their horror stories. You'll likely wait a long time to get your patches with your emails going unanswered. Worse case scenario, they'll forget about your order.
  12. Don't forget the #1 Airsoft Moms photos. She took a lot of green. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151501099189580.1073741841.624289579&type=3
  13. But why?!?! Why do you want to let go of such beautiful piece of heaven?
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