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  1. I live in Marietta and around these parts in the summer multicam is actually really good. M81 makes you look like a black blob from a distance, whereas multicam makes you appear like a greenish blob - fitting in better in the foliage and underbrush. However in the spring when everything is super bright green multicam tropic is probably better, or even Pencott Greenzone (which isn't allowed at AMS events but I'm assuming you're just asking in general). In the fall and winter multicam blends in really well with the brown/tanish hues. TLDR: year round I'd recommend multicam, but it sucks in the spring
  2. Last year at Ironhorse it was about 30-35 in the morning but it'd warm up to 60-65 during the day, so definitely be prepared for freezing cold during the morning and night game. Judging by the forecast for that week (can't see the 17th yet) it looks like it'll be about the same, maybe a little warmer though
  3. LOST: 1x KJW 1911 hi-capa green gas mag
  4. Hey all, I swear I posted this when I signed up for Ironhorse, but I guess not. Anyway, while I'm definitely not new to airsoft, I'm definitely new to MilSim. I've been playing airsoft since I was 16 in 2007 playing 10 on 10's with crappy spring rifles with my friends. I had a ton of fun, and was sad when we stopped playing because people started moving away to college. Before this year I hadn't played airsoft in probably 4 years, but I've played paintball a bit. I just really missed the realism of airsoft. Anyway I'm back into the game now and I'm stoked that there happened to be an AMS event in my state! I currently play at 904 tactical in Jacksonville FL when I can. Can't wait for IRONHORSE! -Ace
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