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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. I should be there as well. If all my ducks are in a row..........................................
  2. In all my game play and in the role as Admin. in numerous games I have seen just about everything. The MED's should be kept in place as FPS by manufacturer's have been lowered for just this reason Indoor CQB. I personally don't like the safety kill rule, I have tried it and have had the opportunity to witness all those things which have been brought up here, the biggest is the arguments. So if we don't have it it becomes a non issue. Instead one of the things I learned and encountered at my first game Foreshadow is the Parley. It worked well and there were no arguments or harsh feelings. PARLEY NOUN A conference between opposing sides in a dispute, esp. a discussion of terms for an armistice. As we were in the Valley in St. Mere Eglise and crawling between cover and bunkers I and Freak came face to face with 400 fps AEG's, both of us being Admin. prior military and playing that day we knew all to much about safety and Freak whispered Parley (we were that close), which I already understood as a term and we backed away from each other and then merely started over. In this way there are and were no arguments. Knife Kill....if you can get the drop on someone and get close enough to touch them I feel you get a knife kill if you have one or similar like a hatchet (rubber or wood). This is my opinion as I might have .02 worth.
  3. ​Everything they knew and had worked for was shattered, skirmishes and raids continue. Their Broken Home led them to a great battle for the scarce freedoms they had left. It was a house divided and was time to draw the Plow Shares back into Swords and defend what was left of their home. A new Era begins and I fear it will be a Bloody Dawn. OP Bloody Dawn
  4. Hack thanks for the hosting. The link works fine and you can put it here if you want.
  5. Hola mi amigo!! Oh dat is cajun talk,we Bring da craefish when you come
  6. Kermit you got mail!!
  7. 1.Hydration and something to eat. 2.Good Boots. 3.Map and/or GPS. 4.Weapon and backup weapon. 5.Communications. Always carry extra stuff you will need it somewhere. DDAP is a big field and requires 100 times more than any other for a MilSim combat environment. Can't express enough the things to be prepared for and can't remember them all.
  8. For the Money the RINO's are the best. Position Reporting is a great tool. I use the 530 HCx with a 4G card for Worldwide maps. The 120's and 130's don't have enough memory and a .5 watt radio. The bigger units have massive memory and a 5watt radio that will use the repeaters. But if not licensed try to stay off those frequencies. Yes it is a tool and there is nothing better than a map and compass so train accordingly. If I am on the move it will be hard for you to plot me out though wanna try??? I could go on forever but invest in a Garmin!! RINO's are waterproof and shock resistant. Built for the Military.
  9. KC0VJP That's about all I know...lol
  10. I cant get the new map to upload. It says it is to big. I have one that is better than this and a set of files that divides the Battlefield into sections with details.
  11. OK I finally figured this all out and got logged on. I hope to see you all soon as I think you all know who I am!!
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