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  1. My main blaster. Systema PTW, shoots like a dream! Current setup: But can also set it up to look like this. And a Cyma RPK tuned to just under 500 fps for international games(Berget/Border War).
  2. Hey, Hows everyone doing? Planning on attending atleast 1 game(hopefully 2) sometime next year. Never really thought about flying so far for airsoft, but I couldnt turn down an invite from a good friend of mine. Met Kaiju from RWUSA a few years ago at Berget and played with him while he was in Europe. Ive been playing airsoft for over a decade. Fairly active internationally, so I think its finally time to broaden my horizons! Attended 7 Berget games in Sweden, 2 Border War-events in the Czech Republic and a few smaller ones in Germany and Estonia. Currently running an international team that attends aformentioned games as often as possible. We have guys from Finland, the UK, Denmark and even a Canadian, most of us have completed military service.https://www.facebook.com/odspewpew/ Seen a lot of photos and videos from your events, and im definetly looking forward to attending as many events as my month long visit permits! Have a good one! Regards, Ville.
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