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  1. D14 is closed this weekend due to high water. 11/27/15
  2. 1IV

    DMR rules

    Re read and -Ahh- the last line "I" no carbine can be a DMR- I got caught up in "Standard military rifle" and forgot about the carbine designation the M4 still carries. I get it now. Is the epoxy button to block / or a screw- to lock out full auto on a M16 / AR10 acceptable?
  3. 1IV

    DMR rules

    So a simple epoxy button or a screw that blocks the safety on a M16 will suffice? Will a M4 440fps with a scope and bipods, blocked from full auto by a screw, be deemed a DMR?
  4. ONE ISSUE VOTER -1IV here. I'm out of McKinney Texas. I'm 43, a father of a 12 YO(13 soon), who loves te sport. I'm a USMC veteran 90-94 and appreciate the training value of all of this..(..and I LOVE real steel) I'm a player. I prefer DMR / Sniper. My son runs a EF CQB M4, pump shotgun, and a 1911. I run a JG M4 witch is currently too hot for your games set up as a DMR Sniper. A bolt TSD SD 702 that fits misim's rules, An AK Krink set up as a sub gun-365fps, and a beretta looking NBB C02 pistol. I'm going to need to collect up some uniforms, and get myself a proper DMR In your speed range. But I'll read, gather, and lurk till I can come on out and play. I'm on airsoft society as 1IV I am also on //www.airsoftsniperforum.com Gremlin and I are out at D14 a lot and play BBWARS and such. Say Hi if you see us.
  5. I come from Texas- nick name is one issue voter 1IV for short. Veteran, USMC 0351 antitank assault- 90-94 New to airsoft, old school paint ball player remember when Sheridan pump pistols were awesome? I found airsoft and milsim because my 12 year old loves the sport. I apretiate how good the training value really is, and support and participate. I look forward to the day My Gremlin is old enough to come to one of the events.
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