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  1. "*Our troops always come first! Event time and date is subject to change for Military requirements. In case of time/date change event(s) will be rescheduled." What exactly does this mean? If you're playing a military base and it's needed you leave? If too many people are LE/MIL and leave you'll postpone? This sentence is unclear to me.
  2. Hey L4GI. Welcome to the US, and welcome to American Milsim. Have fun playing here. You've got quite an interesting list of events. xD The only place I've ever played is my local CQB place... Anyway, seems you've got plenty of experience, so I'll leave ya too it. Have fun.
  3. Yup. But you'd think your finger would get tired. Anyway, it's not like I don't get enough full-auto action at my CQB place, so no biggy.
  4. I personally don't understand how the rifleman works. Is it semi-only at a FPS limit, or indoors, or the whole time? And yeah, why would an SMG like UMP, MP5 or MP7 fire only semi, the whole point of an SMG is that it's a subMACHINEGUN.
  5. I read about the SAW and DMR roles, but I don't have an MG and I dont really want to play semi-auto the whole time (DMR). Besides, no one ever called a UMP a DMR (I was just complaining about range), and FN can't even make up their mind as to whether the SCAR is an assault rifle or a carbine.
  6. Right. Again, I'm an Army fanboy so I enjoy toting Army stuff, will be velcroing my own division patch onto my rig, (42nd Armored, a non-existent division thought up by me). Thanks for all the replies. I try to follow rules, I'm the kind of guy who does whatever he can to be liked, and not looked at like an a**hole.
  7. K, I get the round limit, the reason I ask is my UMP is CQB rated, not the best for range, but it's good for fighting in hallways as it's small and good ergonomics. Thanks. If I don't have to, I'd prefer not to. I don't wanna screw up my Dad's old uniform, I'd rather buy a new one if it's an issue, (plus I like the US Army fanboy look ). I think I'll stick with it except when on US Military installations, then I'll use my Woodland Marpat from Evike.
  8. I'm thinking of coming to one of the events with a UMP-45 or a SCAR-L. I read somewhere on youtube something about weapon realism and having to have M16 series guns or something. Can I bring whatever? Also, I usually use two primaries, UMP-45 and SCAR-L, am I allowed to use both or is it a one-or-the-other deal? Also, I am going to use Woodland camo which is permitted as CoST, but it's an old US Army uniform with nameplate and US Army on it. Is that legal?
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