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  1. this was informative to me also. thank you
  2. i have had steel sparks 3 dif times go into my eye...with glasses on. they richoshced into my eyeball. had to be laid down and it drilled out of my eye with a dremel and flushing. you talk about wanting to die. the pain with eye injuries is stupid painful. the 3rd time it happened i put my hand on my eye and said in "Jesus name" and it stopped hurting..and that was it no hospital trip. googles from now on
  3. Where is this event at Is it held every year around the same time
  4. im poor. id be picking them up from the ground lol
  5. never seen a 190rd midcap(non-windy) before. ima have to check them out.
  6. if i said i live in davenport IA would you be able to tell me what the closest games are(obviously milsim events)
  7. hello everyone, prior army 11B. i miss "being in the mode and environment" getting some quality authorized gear over time quickly. hoping to be full go come spring. reading the rules and regs on the forum. im so pumped to play having adrenaline rushing again. -Wilson
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