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    The 2 e-tools per sqaud scares me. Digging a hole in Ottawa County is no easy task. There's no dirt... it's grass and rock. LOL
  2. As a scout will we need to check in/chrono/safety brief as usual during regular scheduled times.
  3. I know we have 6 weeks but when could we expect some intel on what we will be doing. Will it be that Friday ? Or will there be time to organize and strategize maybe days or weeks before hand?
  4. Thanks Alex for answering all these questions. It is very appreciated!
  5. Will there be any type of flares or illumination being used or are we on our own as far night vision?
  6. Sorry I meant phones and cameras. To clarify those will be allowed now? If so I gotta pack the selfie stick!
  7. In reference to the no electronics for scouts... I agree that we don't need the cameras for the "glory whores", but i think technology is a real aspect of this role. Personally I think that the rule should be amended to limit technology to certain functions. Now a days its no longer a Grid Coordinate Scale with a map and shootizing azimuths with a 8 digit grid coordinate but more of a GPS point and click thing. Also with the relaying of information it's very difficult at the Dday Park. The contour of the land and vast foliage really make it hard for our BAEOFANGS to reach a substantial distance. If I'm out of line let me know I will cease fire. THANKS!
  8. Is the Office in BA? I'm only an hour from there and if my stuff was turned in I could pick up if that's ok. Thanks
  9. Lost a Woodland Camo Ghillie Poncho and a separate Ghillie Top.
  10. I dropped the ball and didn't get my ticket before they sold out. Somebody here needs to sell me their ticket and stay home that weekend.
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