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  1. Why would we not use one. Definitely a very poor choice on him. We heard green being used hence they must be tan. I would have loved to have meet this Noe character. Did he volunteer for that slot or did AMS put him there? Sadly for a commander to do his best he almost would not have time to play/ shoot stuff. I thought he would have been located in the FOB directing missions a little command and control. I can see where some teams did have a blast at Faded but I am not sure CoST as a company/ unit overall can say it was a success. I just may have to put my big boy pants back on and inquire about some of these leader slots. I'm just not excited to perhaps becoming too military for the player base these events draw. Some damn good tactical airsofters I know we're never in the military and its a bit of a sore subject so I tread lightly. Loco, thanks again, can't stress enough of how impressed I am with this forum and the participants.
  2. Sadly I do not even know who our squad leader was. The only roster we were on had SNFA1 as our squad leader but then we were told to adhere to the original roster and we had no assignment on that roster. We arrived Friday and completed check in tried to walk AO found it was closed and it was only 1pm. Then we hang out trying to find some other CoST players, we were unaware of a CoST meeting for players other than the leadership. If you were 1-1 we were 1-5 i believe then when we assembled we fell in with group two. So pretty much without knowing who to look for and where we even started from since the roster changed we spent a lot of time trying to pick up with any team that needed help. As for team kills, yeah i have been and have shot green by accident. What happened in the crane bay was not that. With the challenge password being so simple too many people were using the others word and cause too many players to assume they were tan. So whatever, I didn't enjoy it. It would be quite naive of me too assume I will enjoy every event i go to. But the important thing here is to give and listen to all feedback. I'll look into the SL position, I didn't this round because this was my first trip to GTI. Thank you all for listening and again your feedback. Nice to see we all can discuss this without drama.
  3. Then why do they call it MilSim. Hey whatever just my opinion and not sure where loco is getting the waiting for leadership to provide me with a fun time. Hey genius you were a squad leader ever hear of leading. It's a funny thing leaders do even in MilSim.
  4. Mr Yuk, thank you for being the only team rep we got any guidance from and sadly the only leader we really met at this event. Sorry we left early but we were very displeased with the rest of the CoST leadership. Between all the team kills and lack of operational Intel being based down the event came off as a back yard free for all and those type events are of no interest to us. Our team consist of retired infantry men and Airsoft community professionals, we invest a good majority of our time to the often missed and hardly used tactics of pre plans, intelligence sharing, squad and platoon support tactics as well as leadership and battles space control. We do look forward to seeing you and yours in Buffalo real soon. I hope this event was simply a gaggle fuck due to a large number of first time leaders or weak leaders and perhaps AMS will be more critical next time they select upper leadership for the future events.
  5. Sadly not sure if you all missed anything. Our first AMS event and I must say not very pleased with what we got for our money nor what we put into being there.
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  11. just in case its unclear, the shooter is always responsible for his shots. I'm referring to blind lobs and quick shoots that should have never been taken. In those cases the shooter should be charged to the full extent of applicable law.
  12. I'm cool with keeping the sport safe, granted these are military simulation style events. That's why rule sets are designed to govern players actions, if someone is being shot with these launcher weapons two questions must be asked. Is the shooter completely aware of his environment there for responsible for his shot. And the player hit by said round was he aware of his environment. Situation awareness, come on people, if you want free for all back yard BS, then save your money and our time and stay home. When tragedies like these listed above happen hold the parties responsible. Suspend players, hell put a fine on it, Every player has a responsibility to themselves and the player next to him to honor the rule set and that is a simple reflection of the game play in true Military scenarios. Everyone may at one time be new to MilSim but for heavens sake stupidity and reckless behavior is not new to anyone.These actions are what we should be looking into how we can govern more closely. The damage to game play vehicles can be negated with proper preparation and clear observation of current rule sets. In closing remember who and what, us as players, are trying to emulate. We must police our own ranks and lead from the front. If this can not be accomplished then everyone should grab a history book and study up. I have never heard of or seen anyone man win any war. I look forward to seeing many of you at Faded Giant 4, Travel safe and lets enjoy ourselves with close friends in arms, Friend or Foe
  13. I thought Taginn rounds are listed as allowed for AMS game play. Rule set; APPROVED PYRO GRENADES This section is based on our experiences with pyro devices. If you have a device that you would like approved, AMS staff needs to physically see the device perform in order to approve it. Please contact AMS to arrange this. TLSFX Pea grenades TAG R2BS Grenades TAG Archangles, Reaper, Peckers
  14. I am sure this doesn't change your well prepared report, but the Humvee windshield in Amped's Humvee is not ballistic glass. It is standard automotive DOT glass. I have personally inspected the documented damage and I also acquired the replacement glass for this same vehicle. Thank you for your findings and I hope in turn this will lead to perhaps a rule set on technical's pertaining to an impact shield of sorts for vehicles without ballistic rated glass. Thank god for hold harmless waivers.
  15. AO detail floor plan located in forum archive Faded Giant 1 "GTI Information" then "AO Map" PDF download plus gallery pics with video walk thru. Just in case your all still looking.
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