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  1. This could get really hot I think you should just get a helmet and some goggles.
  2. will bbs be supplied on the field or should we bring out own, also are they free or do we have to pay?
  3. thanks but do I have to fill out a waiver and then bring it with me to the field or send it in?
  4. This is my first event and I don't want to drive 12 hours then don't be able to play, Thanks
  5. If I am going to play on the CDF team then what color(s) should I weir so I can match with the rest of my squad?
  6. is this for reindeer games? if not what does the map look like for reindeer games?
  7. So my friend and me are planning to go to Reindeer games XVI, I am fifteen and he is almost fifteen. With the waivers do we have to fill them out and then fax them to American Milslim or just bring them with us to the field? We will be travailing with my friends dad and will not be with my family so I suppose I will also need to get a waiver for that. It says that they need to get approved so would it be a bad idea to buy are tickets first before we get the ok? Thanks, please get back to me soon so I can buy the tickets for us!
  8. I know this is taking place in Texas but it is in December, will it be worm or cold? Should I wear a coat? Also what kind of map/field will we be playing on? woods or in a small town?
  9. what kind of chest rig/set up and camo clothes should I wear for the CDF team? What do you think other people will be wearing? (this is my first milsim event)
  10. how far is the battlefield from the camping grounds?
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