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  1. I just want to know where I can get a repro eotech. I ordered one a few months ago and it got seized in customs, or at least that is what I think happened. I did get the kill flash for it I ordered from the same place at the same time just not the eotech.
  2. I understand a DMR can not be able to fire in auto and must be made to fire semi only. Would a programmable mosfet such as the burst avocado be aloud to be used or would it be considered to easy to switch it back?
  3. You are correct. The second box mag would only have 500 rounds in it so your best option is to bring a high cap that can hold as close to 500 as you can get.
  4. If it is for sure shooting 455-465 than that is too high for DMR role. The 450fps limit is a hard stop ceiling. So 450 or under. I would take it to your local field and have them chrono it and if it's at or over 450 (really you want it to be about 440 as mine was 395 at my field but was 402 when i went to RDGXIV last year); the easiest way to bring it down will be a wider inner barrel. If you don't want to lose the benefits of the tight barrel though then have them put in a m130 - m120 spring in there. Also as was already stated DMRS can not be able to fire in auto so you will have to either put a bolt on it to block the selector, modify the selector plate so it can only go between semi and safe or get an electronic controller that won't let it fire in auto. I have an m110 in my Krytac SPR and it is shooting 385 with all of the other parts stock Krytac.
  5. I dont know how they compare to M frames but you could try the Revision Bullet Ant. http://www.airsoftgi.com/mobile/product_info.php?cPath=548_542_543&products_id=3268 I have not personally used them as I use the Revision Desert Locusts.
  6. I have a pair of Desert Locusts and Sawfly. I bought the Rx inserts, but because the lenses on the inserts have no kind of anti fog they can and do fog on me when it starts to get a bit hotter. I have had no issues with the goggles ever fogging on me though. I have removed the foam on the top of my Locusts and it seems to help but is not perfect. I am going to try some Cat Crap next and see if it helps any. I have never worn contacts and dont qualify for lasik.
  7. Should not hurt the mid cap users that much but it is really going to hurt the real-cap users. Im used to running 12 mags as a rifleman but honestly I rarely use more than the 7 before haveing to go back anyway. Its just those sometimes moments that will just make me want to bring a sidearm even more now.
  8. I used a Krytac SPR right out of the box last year at RDGXIV and it worked fine for me all though with .30g bbs it only made it about 50 yards accurately and most of the engagements i found myself in were just past that due to the open terain. I am sure if I had more time to get it ready for out there than it would have been perfect.
  9. Agreed. Helmets not required but highly recommended.
  10. If you move to a 7.4v lipo all you need is the balance charger but if you plan on going to an 11.1v then you will also have to make sure the stock parts (moter, piston, cylinder...) can handle the increased power or else you will have to upgrade them. The only real benefit to lipos are they can have a higher mAH (or charge time) in a smaller size than the standard nickle based counterparts. Just remember you must use a balance charger, you must use the corect conector when chargeing, and never let them completely discharge.
  11. Always bring a backup of the role you sign up for. If you only have a sniper and an aeg than sign up as sniper and move to aeg if that goes down. If the sniper shoots under 400fps then they might let you use it if your aeg goes down but dont count on it.
  12. It is one of those military style flip compass with the peep hole to use land marks to determin your location based on direction and elevation and all that. I sort of know how to do that but I mainly just use it as a basic compass.
  13. I carry a couple of pens, a few sheets of paper, electrical tape, a compass, a pair of scissors, and a lighter. I also bring at least one extra battery and one extra dead rag. Everything is split between my admin pouch and a gp on my belt.
  14. The only thing required to be a rifleman is it shhots under 400fps, it is not a SSW, and is not a HWS. You can be a rifleman with a bolt action if you want if it shoots under 400fps, but an issue with your MED might come up with a bolt action. I run with a 2-7x32 scope on my rifleman rifle and it is an SPR so it looks the DMR role but im just a rifleman.
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