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  1. Can you put LRRSD and Bare Bones Airsoft in a squad together? Much appreciated!
  2. To say that CDF transports were mainly used just for transport purposes is total BS. My squad was pinned down for about half an hour by a CDF truck with little holes cut out just big enough for a gun barrel to stick through. With all the windows rolled up and no way to get a grenade in as well. Completely unfair, but we fought it out, adapted, and overcame. Just waited until they got tired of pray and spraying and drove off.
  3. @Ron Mexico. I'm PMing you my email address. Any info you need to relay to Snake from 1-2 please send me and I will relay to him. He's extremely busy with real world training and has charged me with gather all info for him. Thank you.
  4. Still working on full AAR, but I really just wanted to go ahead and say I think the medic rules overall need to be simpler. When you have 600+ people, you gotta keep things simple. I say keep it where there's only one medic per squad, but not limit the amount they can heal. If we limit how many they can heal, they're more likely to use those heals one their squad alone. Also, squad respawning just fell apart from my point of view. Not everyone in every squad was playing at the same time, everybody took breaks at different times. I say keep it simple with some old school rope rules. Everyone has some 550 cord on their gear with three knots in it. When they're hit, the medic unties and reties all three knots and then they're back in. I've played several games like that and it's always worked great. Less misunderstand and cheating when rules are very simple.
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