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  1. Unreal.. I hope this gets resolved.. Good idea, i'd happily chip in as well.
  2. I saw one in the lost and found box before I left around 7pm.
  3. Lost: Echo 1 Timberwolf (All Black) pistol sometime on Sunday, if you found it please let me know! Thanks!
  4. If he's flying he may be referring to the recent restriction to State IDs/Drivers Licenses not being accepted as a form of ID when flying domestic in Missouri and a few other states. Edit: Just saw the subject line, referring to the AO.
  5. I agree! Shout out to management, staff, admins and everyone else for making this happen! This was my first AM event and will certainly not be my last. Thanks to everyone for coming out and all the great people I met..see you all at Guardian Center :-) Yuk, nice meeting and playing with you, had a blast! I was with the group with Rooster. Glad you made it back safe and rest up!
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