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  1. I have mi license and all the papers i'm soon going to be turning 17 in may, but i have no friend old enough who wants to go. I wont have a legal guardian.
  2. Is their anyone i can catch a ride with going from California? I will help out with gas and other necessities needed such as drinks, snacks, etc. Thanks!
  3. ok. Thanks i just need someone i can hitch a ride with.
  4. Anyone going from california? if so email me themilsimkillers2015@gmail.com
  5. no like when you show up do we check-in, but i got it now thanks
  6. Can anyone post the AO? Yet
  7. well it will be the same AO as last Op. So i think it will be the same map as FG3, ill let you know if i find out something
  8. Yes you do is your 15 you need to print out a waivor, from the ruleset and have it the day of the vent.
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