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  1. I see on the main page that Oklahoma is now divided. Any word on the official results, or are they posted somewhere here in the forum and I'm missing it?
  2. Video from UFS Army 1-1 http://youtu.be/1Zh9uTffbUo Please like, subscribe, comment and share. NOTE: For those who have already viewed this video, I had to re-upload it with royalty-free music. Not to be a "like whore" but if you could do me a favor and go back and like the video I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. The link to the photographer's website is: http://kdogphotog.zenfolio.com Speaking as an experienced photographer, it takes some work when proofing photos. Some don't turn out. You have to orient others. And then you have to watermark them so they can't be taken without permission. It might be a while.
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  7. Blackbird, I couldn't have put it any better. I'd be honored to fight next to Midnight Rider Recon anytime..
  8. Not to be a stick in the mud, but UFS Army 1st Platoon exemplified nothing more than unity in motion this weekend from my point of view. It always seems that each side always thinks they are the better of the two, while they both have positive assets and negative assets within their ranks (Isn't that the way it is in real life?). While it may be a little biased, from what I saw all squads within the platoon worked as a cohesive unit. I know your comment wasn't directed at the entire UFS Structure, but I just wanted to praise the men in 1st Plt. UFSA (Allied Forces Airsoft, Midnight Rider Recon, and Ground Zero). As for the kill trophy bracelet, I know our squad tries to promote teamwork rather than personal kill counts. A SAW gunner laying down suppressive fire is just as responsible for the success of the mission as are the riflemen, and the leaders on the ground. When we had the opportunity, we searched for intel, and we collected bracelets and distributed them throughout the squad. Most everybody in our squad walked away with an extra bracelet (please don't take this as bragging). I hope that everybody had a great weekend. I know we all did. We are definitely looking forward to the results of the game, and looking forward to future AMS events.
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  10. This might be a silly question, but are the flag patches full color or subdued?
  11. - Wounded Warrior Project - St. Jude's Research Hospital (A children's hospital that focuses on children with catastrophic diseases) - A.L.S. Family Charitable Foundation (They assist with families and patients who have A.L.S or Lou Gehrig's disease)
  12. I carry a Glock 30 .45ACP. It's a little bulky. I also keep a full sized R.I.A. 1911 Tactical Model in my truck. Looking to get a S&W .380 Bodyguard.
  13. I replicated my plate carrier from my first tour in Iraq. It was pretty cool what us MI guys got when we were attached to some high speed units As for the layout... trial and error. Before you ask, the admin pouch on the chest does take some getting use to, but I wouldn't go anywhere without it now.
  14. Thanks for the info. Sounds pretty cool.
  15. Are the Trophy Kill bracelets what they sound like? A war trophy to take off a "dead" player, or just a souvenier? Or possibly both if you think about it
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