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  1. I haven't airsofted in a very long time and stumbled on this when I was looking for some other gear. Needless to say, I don't need them any longer. I've got two metal Mauri mid caps for M4 series weapon. Found them on AEX, apparently they're called "TM M16 VN 80 rnd Mag". New 25. How about 15 bucks a pop plus shipping? Second up are two M14 GP midcaps. 15 bucks a pop also. Prefer email as I don't really ever come to this forum. [email protected] Thanks
  2. Simple answer, no, you will not be affected.
  3. It can be run without a cummerbund, and the picture is of the front of the PC.
  4. Up for sale is a Blackwater IO PC. They don't make these anymore, bought it many moons ago. Has been laying around most of its life, in fanstastic condition. $70. 2x Paraclete 9mm Triple pouches in CB - $15 a peice 1x TT M4 Triple Shingle in MC - $15 1x SDS 100rd SAW pouch in WC - $5 1x Blackhawk Drop Leg Holster in OD - $20 2x M14 Midcaps - $10 a peice 1x BSA Red dot - $15 (includes M4 carry handle rail attachment) 2x TM Supressors - $15 a peice 1x SDS Canteen pouch - $5 I also have a bag full of Bijan Knee Pads in CB and a couple in WC. $15 a pop. Madbull 509mm 6.03 tightbore never used. $10 Finally, I have a crate full of ACU sets. They're a little used, but still in great shape and good working order. I have mostly medium regulars but also have some smalls and larges. I've got pants and tops. - $15 bucks a set (includes top and bottom) or -$10 for individual (top OR bottom). $5 flat rate shipping for all items except armor. Paypal preferred. I respond more quickly to emails: [email protected] Thanks for looking.
  5. From the looks of it, I thought it might be able to work well out there. Wasn't in the area for this years, should be out there for next years OPs.
  6. www.gigaparts.com was the cheapest I could find it. I ordered monday and they had it to me that friday.
  7. My newest geek gadget just came in the mail. Been playing with it ever since I got off. I give you the Yaesu VX-8GR. This nifty little dual bander covers RX on 106mhz to 999.999mhz, along with a plethora of APRS features and too many "ghee-wiz" features for most airsofters to care about. However, airsoft needs is only its part time job for my use. However, when in its airsoft role, it does offer some slick features that will be fun to mess around with. It's dual receive function operates very well, allowing me to monitor two frequencies at once from the same band or two seperate bands. The APRS feature is something I'm looking forward to checking out as well. I've been working on my megaforce assault vehicle and its time has nearly cometh. This radio will be able to utilize its GPS feature in accordance with my truck very well at larger games. Picture this: your team is pinned down, wounded, and in need of a hot extract. Time is of the essence, and you don't have time to pull/send grids or do a map talk on for vehicle extraction. No problem! Your VX8-GR is constantly updating your position real time on a map at aprs.fi. This allows the vehicle navigator to locate and see your position (real time, mind you) via his laptop in the truck. Easy position identification and precision extraction! No time wasted trying to talk your vehicle onto a type spot. While not a radio I'd reccomend for airsofters (coming in at about $470 w/o software), as this is more of a HAM APRS focused radio, it has some nifty features that will be fun on the field also. I look forward to using it.
  8. I'm not really sure what he'd do for AS or the MILSIM community besides giving it a "thumbs up". If people want training from Costa, they can attend his carbine classes. If people want to carry that over to MILSIM they can. I just don't really see how he could really be involved in airsoft stuff.
  9. I've got a DBT FAPC Gen2 in Multicam, size medium. Condition is pretty much new, no signs of use. The FAPC and cummerbund are included, both in multicam. . 140 Also have an Eagle Ind. MAP pack in coyote. Used but not abused. Pics are kinda hard right now due to my location, but send me a text and I'll try and get one off to you. 100 obo 913-748-6732 07 Sends
  10. Didn't know the OE254's were that old. We're still running those at our TOC's. And yeah, pain in the but. I may have to run out to East Wind for once in my life if I'm in the midwest area next spring.
  11. I'm curious, what antenna's are you guy's using for all your comms? Not familiar at all with that era, but I can't imagine its changed too terribly much from what we use our on a lot of our stuff today.
  12. I'm actually getting my dream rig I just haven't decided what it is yet! The Crye CPC would be my choice but I'm afraid of how its going to ride with a heavy rucksack. I'm just going to have to play around between a few different carriers until I find the one I like best.
  13. For airsoft, maybe not, but in real life applications we'll have to see how this plays out. I see how the concept in theory would work well, however, theory and real life don't always coincide. Replacing the FM blade and VHF/UHF whip on the 152 with that little guy would be amazing if it worked out. This thing may hit pretty close to home for me.
  14. All the reclass dudes always go for aerial gunner...its hard to get, the guys in the careerfield tend to stay in that career field.
  15. PJ's lol. We were in the front leaning rest once, and the Cadre came up to one of the candidates: "Why is your hair so long? You must be a PJ washout" Another Cadre responded, "No, he's a CCT washout because he doesn't have any styling gel in his hair."
  16. Agreed. Not a fan of those Rhino's at all. Sub-par radio at best. APRS is much more versatile anyway, and with something like D-Star you can send considerable data as well.
  17. Dang. Its bouncing around so much. I was trying to time it right for when I get back. Ah well. Maybe I will pick up a PIG or an LBT's rig.
  18. Swayze did indeed have many good nerf mortar set-ups back in the day. Many models that were "hip fired" mortars, based on an old design of an actual piece. In fact, I went on a mission a LONG time ago at a KCAA game to take out a bunker using one of these. A lot of fun and adds a cool element to the game.
  19. Swayze, It's Mattern from KASO all those years back. When I get back in Kansas city, I'll have to keep an ear out on the net for you.
  20. Good stuff. Except about the theft. My next radio looks like its going to be a Yaesu VX-8DR. My other big hobby is storm chasing, so I'm going to hop on the APRS boat and see if I can use it for MILSIM as well.
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