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  1. I have a email from ticket bud and admins are slow on heree so all I got.
  2. Nope first one with money to me wins
  3. Money order is good let me get on the rest I got my email from ticket bud will that work
  4. Read this ...... cost ticket for sale no pay pal option.... so if you want it hit me up so we can do this now and email when done for transfer per ams.com rules
  5. I have one for sale only issues no pay pal so how you want to do this.....
  6. I see as ufs has a new boyfriend and cdf is going great steady with Cost.... I like a 4 way
  7. I have some 190 kwa mid caps and love the crap out of them most high caps hold more then that but milsim events only let you us high caps if your a machine gunner
  8. I am going to need more tickets fro Cost, so when time comes unless they offer more I will need one maybe 2 so if your reading this and want to sell your Cost ticket......I am you man, maybe depends on time frame.
  9. So I still needed one ticket and well crap, are you going to open anymore up!
  10. Nope I am founder of Dog and on that team since, well I am a founder.
  11. I use a LMG and lime to hold them down as skinny/faster people move up
  12. Nope I am not I know Jacob but not on that team
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