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  1. Alrighty! So I got asked a few times about a product I use with my ESS fan goggles, its a set of magnets with cloth that can be used like little window wipers. Link below: https://www.amazon.com/Magnetic-Wiper-Airsoft-Paintball-Mask/dp/B006V5A120/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496178753&sr=8-1&keywords=Magnetic+Fog+Wiper+for+Airsoft+%26+Paintball+Mask Alternatively search magnetic fog wiper on amazon. I use a mesh lower face mask, ESS fan assisted googles, anti fog and these magnets and its the happiest I have been with fogging issues, it occasionally still happens a little even with the fan on but if it does there no need for me to stop playing as I can just wipe with the magnet to clear the mask. Also works with sweat which is another issue I have. Hope this is usefull. Cheers, Steely
  2. One of the Vendors at copperhead had one I think. I believe the issue is they cant advertise them as maybe eotech searches and reports on copyright infringement. Or just tell the misses you really need a RS Eotech for airsoft AND the zombie apocalypse so its really not that expensive with how much use your could potentially get out of it.
  3. Gas blowback rifles should have unlimited mag allowance, 840 rounds (on average) for an AEG seems fine. So if the resupply is done in the field will the platoon be reloading on the field? no more FOB's? So if you are holding an objective/building you can be resupplied there? Sounds interesting.
  4. Get an A+K M249, best value out there! I run the para with a large battery in the magazine compartment, nice and compact. Its my second, left the 1st in the UK but I also have the Matrix M240. The 249 has lots of aftermarket parts and performs well out of the box, it also has cheap mags as well as being able to use m4 mags. That is my biggest complaint on the 240 its 100USD for a spare mag and it was expensive to buy itself. Hope this was some help. Cheers, Steely
  5. Hi ZCONFLICTZ, I have never tried this before but you will have to have an orange tip for transportation into the US. You should also contact the airline to ensure they will carry it and what the procedures are, if it has to be in a locked box, if it has to be inspected by customs etc, also probably best to refer to it as a toy or airsoft replica rather than a weapon at the airport. Hopefully someone here who has tried it before will respond. Cheers, Steely
  6. I actually read that on this forum: http://americanmilsim.com/forum/index.php?/topic/901-blank-firing-grenades/
  7. Hi Downs, I used to use BFG blank firing grenades in the UK and they were the best option, but when I looked into buying them here I read that they are only for Law Enforcement personnel and basically illegal to own, seems crazy that I can own a 9mm firearm but not a BFG so hopefully I got it wrong. I am interested to see how you get on and if its definitely legal to do so I would be interested in getting one again. Cheers, Steely
  8. One thing to add to this. I am from the UK but live in texas, my TX driving license got me onto the military base for RY without issue, I am unsure if a foreign license would do the same, hopefully someone else who has can jump in. When entering the base only the driver had to hand over the license, the passengers did not so maybe getting a ride with a few yanks would be the safest solution :-)
  9. Usually there are vendors at the games and they have generators set up and you can charge your batteries. I always make sure I have enough power to do me both days, that's generally around 8-10 hrs on sat and 4 hrs on Sunday and charge at night if running the SSW, if your not running a SSW taking enough batteries should not be difficult. I you are looking at booking a hotel just to charge batteries why not buy an invertor for you car and use that.
  10. Just take the SSW and a rifle, there never seems to enough SSW's so I don't think you would be stopping someone else from taking one and change to the rifle mid game if your not feeling it. I ran the SSW at RY3 and it was very valuable holding the opposition off, especially from the second floor.
  11. Hi Guys, Looking for some help, I have a TM sopmod recoil and I have bb feeding issues with TM recoil magazines and standard mags with an adapter. When the magazine is inserted I can wobble the magazine and get it to intermittently feeding, I tried some tape on the inside of the mag well but it didn't work. Has anybody seen issues like this on the recoil series or even on standard M16 platforms? Could it be the mag release catch or Hop unit? Does anyone know if the hop units are cross compatible with standard M4's so I could try a different one? Hope someone can help, thanks! Steely
  12. I agree with the OP, minimum engagement distance is a little silly if you are firing at someone far away and then someone walks round the corner within 60ft and you cant shoot them, this seems unrealistic to me, maybe 30ft or just not point blank could be worth a try. As for full auto with SMG's having a low fps limit like 280fps, real caps only as well as having to be a SMG like the DMR or LMG rules could be a cool compromise, would probably only be worth it in UO though. But all this really comes down to is if you are running an airsoft event you will get less issues/heated arguments if you don't have people hosing each other at close range because we still get issues with semi only, so they are probably doing it right. RY3 was my first AMS event and I think the balance was pretty good especially running as a support gunner, its best that most players fire semi as it increases realism, could having smg's running full auto work, would be interesting to try. Cheers,
  13. @ Specs - I am sure I seen your mag in the lost and found box at the end of the OP.
  14. Missing a Baofeng radio UV-5R, they had another Baofeng radio in the lost and found at the end of the OP but it was a different model with a clear face.
  15. Hi KSWRENCH, How man rounds roughly does he get out of the dual tank rig? Rgds David
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