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  1. On the minor application forum, there is an information sheet. Am I required to fill this out if my father will be on site?
  2. I have read everything and I know what to fill out (minor application and medical card), but what is this waiver spoken of in the rules?
  3. Is it possible for my father to walk around the field on his own free will or will he have to buy some sort of pass?
  4. I am 15 and will hopefully be attending an op this year. If my father is on site, do I have to sign the medical form as well as the minor application?
  5. What radio frequency is used by the teams? Is it FRS/GMRS? Would I be ok just buying a two way radio and setting the channels to the frequency a?
  6. Would it be legal for me to carry my m4 with a p90 in my backpack in addition to my pistol?
  7. Would it be ok if I wore all multicam with tan knee pads, plate carrier, backpack, and boots, but wearing black face mask? I know that's a stupid question, but I need to be sure. Also, I have a black helmet. Would it be ok if I used a helmet cover patterned multicam to put over the helmet?
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