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  1. The rules for Bolt Action Sniper users state that they are required to have a side arm or standard AEG in order to engage within in the minimum engagement zone. The max amount of magazines a Sniper can carry is 7 mags. The max amount of magazines for a AEG rifleman is 7 mags. My question is that if I were to decide to run a Sniper rifle and an AEG as a back up could I run 7 mags for each weapon or would I need to split the 7 mags up between the two? Thanks in advance. Love your faces.
  2. Welcome to the madness! You're gonna have a blast.
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  4. DaRooster


    I second THIS! AMS would do wonders there
  5. DaRooster


    I second THIS! AMS would do wonders there
  6. Sure. You would probably have to do a little fine tuning to maximize your range with the lower FPS....but sure.
  7. What exactly are you asking? How to play the role effectively?
  8. Rooster's AAR Ok I took some time to think about this report because this was one hell of a weekend. I will break it down. Friday: Arrived at the AO and rubbed elbows with Bo and JP for a bit while we checked in. After a little chatting and BSing I asked Bo about being a traitor and he said he seen the light and come back over to CDF. It turns out it had to do with the fact that CDF was crazy short on numbers...something like 20-30 fewer. I thought to myself...hell yeah...the fight will be more epic for us Got checked in, guns chrono-ed, and did the safety brief which thankfully for previous players we didn't have to sit through the hour long brief while the new guys asked the same questions they do every time. Props on AMS for doing a very complete safety brief while also realizing that the veterans only need to know the new stuff. Thank you. Friday Night: I showed up a little after startex due to the late running MMX class. Nothing had really started up yet and there was only some chatter on the command net for CDF. So I reported in..changed into my hill billy style, got the night vision setup on the new VSR 10 and broke out the shine and got the Camp 1 party started. Met up with the brave souls who would also attempt camping onsite. I was hoping for a little more going on...have our firepit burning, more crazy folks with the backwoods flavor, etc. But the wind was high and the fire wouldn't catch. Later on some investigator types rolled up and asked us questions RP style. We played along in spades and both sides got a good laugh out of all of it. I thought this was going to be a ton of fun. Night game started and there was confusion and craziness. We hid our stills and crept through the night and took it to some bad guys. There was a feeling of discombobulation for the 1st hour or so but Noe brought us all together and we got after some bad guys. Not a whole lot happened on the western side and everything really focused on the the central area in the junk yard. We kept it simply and I stayed on the fringes using the VSR10 and Night scope to the full advantage. Things sort of wound down a little after midnight, some of my guys had turned in so I called it a night. While getting my gear off and getting ready for bed I heard a commotion and someone yell "Shut your eyes!". I grabbed my rifle and headed out to see what was what. Some UFS guys had rolled up on Camp 1, opened up a large tent (referenced above) tossed in a R2B while the guys inside were done for the night and didn't have on any eyepro. So I called it in over the Command Net as a safety issue and some sort of war crime thing that needs to be passed on that YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS ANYMORE! Turned up now, I grabbed a few guys and did a little night patrolling and picked up another UFS varmint kill. Upon heading back to the camp again it turns out the big tent got raided a second time and people's personal belongings got rummaged through. This irked me and I decided to turn in for the evening. Saturday: Started off great. I had a bunch of folks ready to rock and roll. I assigned channels to team leaders, set down a strategy, built some walls out of car parts, and got out the shine. We also had a can of spray paint in a beautiful shade of green that was put to use on the white bus at our camp. My warriors were happy, armed, and ready to lay down some backwoods justice. I sent a team to the North in the woods, I sent another to patrol the East by the river and bridges, I sent one North West to cover a weak flank and left a group in the camp to help build fortifications and traps. Well it started up pretty quick. It wasn't 10 minutes after startex that we were in a full fledged gun fight. It started as a bit of a trickle and escalated to a full blown assault. We held off an attack from the bridges, and one from the north fairly quickly. Eventually some UFS made it through the ravine on our east side and clammed up into the woods. I went over a gave my SR-25 DMR a workout and widdled out 8 guys from the trees and cars just south of the middle bridge. During this time UFS had begun to form a veritable ring of whup-ass around camp 1 and began an assault of epic proportions. I got on the comms every 5 minutes asking for support from friendlies that never came. It started to look hopeless. Around 1630 (4:30pm) we had become completely surrounded on all sides. There was no escape and we at Camp 1 dug in and fought to the last man. When it was clear that we were over run and admins declared that we could no longer respawn there I took my final hit, packed up what I could, and headed to camp 2 for a regroup. When I walked away from Camp 1 a took an account of UFS Forces. For every single car in the rows there was at least 1 UFS soldier...and usually 2 or 3....and that was just on the east side...there were equally as much from the south in the cars and about 10-15 that came out of the North and North West...if I had to guess there were anywhere from 75-100 blood thirsty UFS warriors that assaulted camp 1. 75-100 vs 20-25 that had pulled back to defend. Welcome to the Alamo part 2 Round about this time several things had happened on the field, there was a MASH unit, a doctor to kill to prevent respawns, a mobile reloading station to take out, and a whole mess to clean up... and our CO turned over command to the XO as he had to head back home early. I regrouped with Slab, JP, Bo, and the folks at camp 2 and made an attempt at the center of the Junk Yard past the Penske Truck and assault the MASH. Had to medic JP, got shot in the face and in short we overestimated our position and underestimated the numbers UFS had there...apparently the warmachine had shifted guys back out of camp 1 to reinforce the center of the field...then JP went and got caught. We pulled back to Camp 2 and held off several UFS attempts. Once we got our act together I was able to re-establish comms with several Camp 1 TLs and I sent them to recon Camp 1. I got good intel that it had minimal resistance and I headed back to find my guys had secured it before I even got back. From there we re-distributed our moonshine and stills to make sure they stayed safe from Federalists dogs and took a quick breather to re-arm, re-assess, get some grub and get back in the fight. Unfortunately Camp 2 was over run soon after. The action shifted mostly towards Camp 3 and Camp 2 was a bit of a staging area. We made a plan, I took a hand full of guys to recon and we took back Camp 2 an hour later. From here the weather started to roll in a little and it started to get dark. I grabbed what was left of Camp 1 forces and headed back to formulate a new devious plot. I started with 9 guys and we would split into 2 teams. 1 would head north and push east as it seemed UFS had forgotten about that round about avenue and we would cut them off before they got to the road. The 2nd team would move a little north cross east and move south to assault the MASH unit out of the North to confuse the enemy. As both teams moved across the north field...visibility dropped...and the rain got heavy. I decided to pull the guys together and do a safety check and risk assessment. A few guys decided that because of the low light, eyepro fogging, and the weather that they were going to call it a day. With those that remained we decided that it was best if we stayed together and just assault the MASH unit. We moved back to the road and moved east. We came upon the North entrance of the area which held the MASH. We took out two guards and moved in. Several guys get a little over zealous and went in guns blazing and got overwhelmed. Our forces down to half and our position given away it was not long until most of us were done. By now the thunderstorm was in full effect and it was dark. I used this to my advantage and myself and 2 others snuck ever closer to the MASH unit. Suddenly, like an angel on my shoulder I hear "Rooster, JP what's your position?" over the command net. I relayed where I was...North East of the MASH. He came back telling me he was going to get some guys out there and assault it. In the mean time I used the cover of darkness to move as close as I could and would shoot as the thunder crashed and reposition immediately and harassed the UFS. After about 10 minutes of this I hear "Rooster, JP assaulting out of the South." I call back "JP, Rooster, out of the East." Next thing I hear all kinds of hootin and hallorin out of the south. That was my que. Well we didn't ever get the MASH, but I got within 10 yards at one point before coming under fire and retreated back into the junk yard. I used the last 10 minutes to move and shoot. Saturday late night: Storm came rolling in, bunch of my team said it might be a good idea for you to stay at the hotel tonight. I went back to the camp to find a ton of stuff still laying out and unsecured. The flood water at this time was not even ankle deep and my tent inside wasn't even wet. So I decided to tell them dudes to go on and I would stay behind to make sure all the gear was properly stowed. It took about an hour to get everything situated inside the big white bus and I went back out to my tent for some tasty MRE and some shut eye. About half way through my meal the severe part of the thunderstorm came rolling through and I thought to myself I should probably seek better shelter. I got myself up into the bus, dried myself off, finished my grub and stretched out with a blanket, towel, makeshift pillow on top of some gun cases and passed out. Sunday: I woke up to the sound of trickling water and thought it was still raining...well it wasn't raining. It was the flood water that I was hearing. It had flooded so bad that water had gotten passed the first step of the bus door. I looked out to see where some cars had even disappeared under the water...my tent had migrated south of the bus and was demolished. I went into survival mood and took stock of gear, food and water. I also took the time to retrieve my inflatable mattress which was still in the remains of my tent. I got some 550 cord and tied it off to my wrist and it became not only a great tool for moving stuff, but an awesome ride in the flood waters and the basis for legends apparently being told at the registration area. I met the folks from Arch Angel Airsoft who had also braved the weather and were in their truck...stuck of course. The remainder of the day was spent, BSing with new friends, drinking beer and whiskey, shooting spiders with our various airsoft sidearms, riding my air mattress in the currents, off loading the bus with a little skiff boat, getting the truck unstuck and onto dry land, getting yelled at and punished by Rick with his cold-icy glare for spray painting the Bus, and finally re-painting the bus with white spray paint in an effort to pay for our crimes. In closing: New rules for CDF were challenging but fun with the medic rules. The missions were fun and appropriate (hiding moonshine) and added a lot of depth. Some rule breaking and assholery went down...check yourself guys...there is no reason to be jerk. Being under manned on CDF made it tough for us to hold ground and presented new challenges for us...it sucked...but it was a fun kind of suck for me. **Sorry AMS staff for being such a hooligan and spray painting the bus..I hope the white paint over worked out and I didn't get you guys yelled at too much. I will submit myself for some form of exciting corporeal punishment if you like** In short, fun game, great old friends, great new friends, broke my guns, broke the law (got a speeding ticket on the way up), and got some memories that will last a life time. Best damn camping trip ever. Rooster loves ya'll.
  9. I wasn't sure what to expect from this as I heard some questionable things about the previous iteration of MMX. Let me say that I had no reason to worry. What an outstanding class. The class followed a crawl, walk, run method. We started with a bit of a pow-wow and got to know the cadre, break down the learning objectives, and discussed some of the basics. We then got into the school and did some dry runs on how to move as a unit, communicate effectively and how to enter and clear a room. We did this several times rotating positions and then we upped the challenge. We attempted a room clearing with a bad guy waiting on us in the hallway and our objective was stay as stealthy as possible to avoid being fired upon. We went to a two team scenario and cleared several rooms at once. We took a quick break and grabbed some chow and headed back after sundown and got on the NVGs. We gave it a few walk throughs with the NVGs and we went live fire with some targets and just kept on going. Let me break down the pros and cons. Pros: Great cadre. Loved teaching and passing on experiences.Actual tactics taught and applied to the airsoft/milsim environment. They recognized the differences and limitations of airsoft and applied techniques towards that.Learned team communication, hand signals, and brevity.Learned team workLearned proper breaching and room clearing techniques as a team.Got to work with NVGs in the environment.Learned from actual law enforcement and military professionals and not some folks who took a class somewhere.Got to experience and realize just how bad ass these guys are who do this for real for a living. They have a tough job.An awesome patch that can't be bought and must be earned. Cons: There was not much clarification on what it was we were doing before the event. Originally I thought the class was a CQB class that would be about an hour long and would have plenty of time to get back to my camp to setup for the night mission.A list of what to bring with you would have been helpful. I was told to bring a standard loadout but I neglected a few key items...namely a flashlight. I had to run back to camp during the break and get it attached while also hustling to get my tent setup as I would not have a chance to before dark and the night mission.While awesome, the curriculum seemed to jump around a bit and we would talk more advanced stuff before the basics were covered.Some visual study materials that we could have looked over and taken home after the class would have been a nice touch.Ended up conflicting with the night game. Wasn't a big deal for the regular player but as the camp leader I had some folks relying on me to be there and help out. I realized that this was the prototype for the new and improved MMX classes. I have to say I am very impressed over all and it was well worth the time and the money. I enjoyed myself very much. As a military professional myself who uses NVGs regularly in flight, I got a whole new perspective on how to use them effectively with boots on the ground. It's not just being able to see in the dark. Being able to see in the dark does not give you an excuse to have bad tactics...and we learned that in this class and got to experience it first hand. This class and the cadre are outstanding professionals, energetic, and genuinely excited to teach the material and improve the milsim community as a whole. Listening to the plans they have for the future, not only do I want to attend all the classes the offer that I can but I would love to be a part of it somehow and teach some applicable military knowledge that I have sometime down the road. A great team of guys. Thanks to Frosty, Whisper, Shaq, and HotRod for taking the time to do this. PS: I unfortunately misplaced my patch when mother nature took a dump on us with the flood Saturday night / Sunday Morning. Any chance I could get a replacement?
  10. Yes...it will be a very complex system of cans and string...or paracord if our special forces come out.
  11. That's a negative....soon all your base are belong to us!
  12. It's all about that experience....in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter what side you are on. Roll with your brothers. Still....friends don't let friends go UFS #COSTPRIDE
  13. I could see CDF as a wild card. In fact I could see CDF units splintering in support of either side to point where you would see CDF vs CDF situations as particular units side with either faction OR they could be resistant to both forces equally not wanting ANY government to be imposed upon them and in essence may try to establish their own form of self governance. Bottom line is that there will be a lot more going on in the AMS setup and story. I could even foresee more regional based factions emerge...maybe even a splintering of established factions.
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