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  1. Programer not included. I will mention this has the latest verson chip in it. gen 3. It is set for semi fire only at this time.
  2. Looking to trade an Aeris m110 for a polarstar V2 Engine Gen 3. It's motor has been upgraded to a GP 170. And shots around 430 fps. It has been Rhoped and a atacs gun wrap installed. It also comes in original box and 5 extra mags all warped to match. Scope is included as well. If you don't like the wrap it peals off to expose the dark earth finish. This is the electric programmable gear box with quick change spring. I will also include the scilencer to match. I will split shipping to you if you ship the Pstar engin to me. Or $500 cash PM me with questions.
  3. I don't make many posts but when I do I try to make them short and sweet. I feel we all had our ups and downs. As far as cost vs ufs.... I feel this game was a very good back and forth match. The last few years I felt it was one sided. Cost beating down ufs. This year I saw some great effort from many ufs players. It was a good change. I felt ufs was more organized this year than I have ever seen them before. Cost forces were not expecting the extent of there willingness to work as a team. On several occasions I saw squads with cost acting on there own and not moving as a unit. Platoon leaders struggled with this as they were not able to depend one some people in there unit. I am not going to pretend Cost won this one. We did however give a great fight and thanks to all you UFS and COST players that fallowed orders. Congradulations to Top and his men for a battle well fought. Thanks Anderson for all the prep and hard work you guys did. I was very impressed. I have freinds on both teams and hope we all remember we do this for fun. We can't grow without defeat. You can't learn from it without admiting it. So thanks for giving me a lesson I will remember. LoL. In all seriousness Me and mine had a great time. Till next time UFS keep getting better......we will. PS the next jerk I see not calling a hit tan or green I will make it my personal mission to put my dead rag on and fallow him or her around till the game is over. So when you see "Shadow Bash" everyone will know you are a douche. I may even make a red shirt up that says "I'm with this no hit calling douche!" Police your own so others don't have too. Don't be that guy.
  4. Great to see you guys doing this. This is the type of stuff that makes this sport and its players great! We do something similar and I hope to see other teams begin to do this as well. It encourages good sportsman ship and rewards the bold. Thanks from all of us at AESIR Strategic. www.aesirstrategic.com
  5. Prefer a HSGI mule with RTI wheel. Looking for anything similar. Must be black or OD. PM me with what you have and price. OD is a plus!
  6. Looking for HSGI sure grip battle belt. Size must be large and in RG. Please PM me the price and pictures of what you have. I am looking to buy today.
  7. Short and sweet! I had a great time! Hung out with several cool cats at the lodge that were mostly ufs. The mood in that place was awsome. We all acted and behaved with class and after a long day of play we reunited in the lodge and all told lies about how awsome we are. That is what it is all about fellas. Hanging out and competing with freinds. When the dust settles we are one big dysfunctional family and if anyone of you needed a hand I would be there to lend it. Just like many others would be for me. So let's get back on track ..... UFS you guys did a great job out there. Good job command! CDF ........ Well I just have to say DAMN it was great. Good communication on the line and way to be aware! I had a blast and can't wait to bang heads with all my brothers again!
  8. First off Parks the mags are a way for AMS to recognize players and promote good sportsmanship and its not possible for them to be everywhere. If your gunner did a great job then why not give him something yourself instead of holding others accountable. This is something that my group identified a long time ago and invested our own time and money in. We try to recognize players we play with and that reflect ethical behavior as well as outstanding operators. We do not hold anyone else accountable for this other than ourselves. So my challenge to you would be to pool money together and get something for this guy. I'm sure he would be thankful you noticed his efforts. I think you are missing the point of the mags altogether. When people start complaining about stuff and don't work to fix the problem they become the problem. Here is what we did.
  9. Anyone is free to use these photos!
  10. The sight was cold and it was there first father son op pic. No one except us there so not a big deal.
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