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  1. Is the mock subway going to be in play? I see the long building is in red.. And that's the only place I could imagine it being.
  2. Thanks JP, but it has been resolved. We'll all be there on time for the briefing.
  3. Iron Horse will be my third event, and I couldn't be more excited. However, the group I will be traveling with have ran into some issues. There are three of us attending, one of the members in our party failed to get Friday the 26th off from work. This leaves him with two options.. 1) He sells his ticket to acquaintance of ours. (unlikely) 2) He takes a non-stop flight out of Philadelphia Airport to Atlanta Georgia Saturday morning. Option was really looking good until I found the Final safety briefing is Saturday morning at 9:00. The earliest flight having him arrive at 8:30am, in Atlanta, an hour and a half away. I'm entirely aware of the importance of these briefings... So my question is this Is there anyway the majority of my party can sit in Friday and record, live stream, FaceTime, the briefing for our friend, so that he does not miss this event?
  4. The rule set change involving pyrotech grenades ok'ed Taginn r2b grenades. The r2b is the paint variant, while the R2Bs is the airsoft variant. Could this have been a mistake? I felt it could be an easy slip up, while I could understand the volocity of water base paint vs bb's may have been considered. Any thoughts? I've never been a fan of throwing expensive reusables, and pyro pea grenades seem a lot more exciting.
  5. I reviewed the Pryo list was just wanted extra clarification. R2B grenade is taginn's paintball grenade (approved) while the R2Bs are their airsoft grenade, could this have been a type-o, miscommunication of some sort? Or has AMS specifically chosen the paint version? Also my google search for TXF pea grenades only yielded results for this forum and TLSFx pea grenades... http://www.eastcoastairsoft.com/tlsfx-pull-ring-pea-grenade-p-2418.html Are these the ones being referred too?
  6. I recently bought a new M4, in video reviews I've seen, It slightly jumps 400 FPS while chrono'n with .20s. I've noticed that FPS limit is taken VERY seriously. Sooo rather than sniping my spring or dropping more money on a new one, could I run a drum mag and play under Support Class regulations and the FPS limit of 420?
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