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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. So does that 7-magazine limit include pistol magazines? This seems like it benefits M4 AEG users who have access to 190rnd midcaps over everyone else. Seems like it's supposed to prevent said users from over-loading, but it ends up hurting everyone else, like GBBR and real-cap players. Heck, it hurts every player that doesn't want to run a gun with a STANAG magwell, like me and my MP5 magazines. Wouldn't it be better and more fair to distribute bbs to the players yourselves if this is the intent? I'm sure a bb provider would love the publicity.
  2. Oh, since people are talking "war crimes" and role playing with embedded reporters, maybe reporters would always carry a piece of intel with them. Same medic rules as everyone else. If the enemy team SEARCHES the reporter and takes his intel, they get a small point reduction (for intentionally killing journalists) but that piece of intel can yield a bonus frago that would more than make up for the point loss if successful. Risk vs. reward. Bonus points if you would have to actively search a journalist for the intel, but the same search rules as everyone else would work out too. I also like the idea of going out and killing/extracting a VIP journalist for their coverage of the war, but that would likely have to fall on staff role players. Still, giving role playing options for paying players would definitely spice things up.
  3. Janitor

    HPA fills?

    Sure, if you remembered to buy your HPA fill ticket.
  4. CoST wears spanks too. That's why we're only letting a dozen of them along for the fun. You're on CDF turf now, son.
  5. If you're CDF, I've got a campsite reserved through monday nearby and a 10-man tent. If you're not we might come to an agreement if you can supply your own tent anyway. Send me a PM if you're interested. I'll definitely be cheaper per head for everyone. Oh, and that reminds me, not that I'm going to be in the barracks, but for the lovely people who are, is there an alcohol policy for staying in them?
  6. You'll have to wait until closer to Reindeer games to get that info. Rebel Yell is a week away, so it's important we get this info sooner than later.
  7. Those emails go out yet? Seems like UFS are starting to fill in their secure forum.
  8. It's the same exact amount of playtime as IC2. 1400-2200 instead of 1600-0000.
  9. I think it's less the weather and more the daylight hours. This schedule should give us a roughly even spread of daylight, twilight, and night play hours. Sunset should be roughly in the middle. Besides, ending at 10 instead of midnight means we get more rest for the following day, which was what I was worried about.
  10. Janitor


    Relax, buddy. There's a state park three miles south of the AO. They have powered and unpowered campsites. If you just want to roll up and sleep in your car, I'm sure they'd be fine if you went to one of their unpowered campsites.
  11. If you're on the CDF faction sure! Gonna have to check with your squad though, because they might want you to wear jeans or something solid colored.
  12. Depends on what faction you're looking to play on. If you're CDF, you don't have to worry about camo. If you're UFS, there's camo regulations in the rules section. Your polarstar issues too are dealt with in the rules section.
  13. Janitor


    Greenleaf State Park is very close to Braggs. There are camping sites there.
  14. Yeah. Kind of makes me think there's going to be some special guests they don't want us to know about, haha.
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