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  1. Hey there, I was just thinking we could use this forum to help coordinate sharing rides to the AO since it is pretty remote and most of us in the TX, OK, NM, AZ, KS, CO, UT area may be driving. For instance, I could provide a ride for anyone in the San Antonio area, or ride with anyone from there, or who happen to pass through on their way. Details could be worked out through messages or social media. I hope this will help. Seriously, if anyone from or going through the San Antonio area on their way has a seat and some space for gear, I'd like to know, or if anyone in the San Antonio area needs a ride, we could work something out.
  2. Hey there, I was the COST S3 and kinda second in command for parts of the weekend. I had a few things that come to mind when comparing this year to last year. I've had fun every time I come out to play there, and I've been to every Broken Home. This year felt a little different (maybe it was the rare good weather) probably because of everything new the AMS staff tried to implement this year. Some ideas worked, some seemed to not go over so great, some just made it different. One of the biggest changes was the time-table. Pushing back start and running through the night sounds really great on paper, and probably has worked really well in some of the smaller AO's but at DDay, it is so massive a field that it seems to me it just exausted everyone as much, if not more than usual. And Cost was etting tired and hot even though most of them were defending Colleville although there was a bunch of moving from flank to flank). A even though there was no official break for dinner, most of each team took it, and it seems to have had a negative effect on the night game. By 9pm we were being told only a handful of UFS were on the field and available to play, so we were told to call it at 9, and most of the remaining COST players walked (or rode) off the field. Then we were told if you wanted to stay you could, but most of Cost, if they had Night vision, had either left already not knowing a night game was on, or had left it at the vehicles and had no time to get them before we started a small night game in Colleville. The night game was not fun. I understand that if you have nods, by all means use them, but when you have a group of guys who don't have nods playing against a group of guys who do, it isn't exactly fun. I got dome-popped a few times, and really close too. Another thing I noticed was the smaller number of Fragos. I've been S3 at Broken Home 4 and End State 3 and both of those times we had Fragos start early and continue. This would give us a sense of momentum, not just defend Colleville all day. We had guys sitting so long, they went and harassed the UFS fob without me knowing, just for the heck of it. Also, some of the finer points on the play-ability of FOBs wasn't pushed down in our op-order, like the ability to raid enemy FOBs for the War materiel crates. We had UFS take one in the last hour on Sunday in Colleville, but 3 of 4 times Saturday we were up in theirs and could have gotten 2 or 3 of those crates, again just a lack of communication down. One thing that is blaring in my mind (and I'm sure I'll either edit this post or add another one as I digest all that I did as command for Cost and witnessed my troops go through) is the Helo runs. I understand helo runs are a main attraction here for many, and I love that we can do them, but when it comes down to how Helo runs affect our overall game play, I feel there is room to improve. I noticed that 2 out of every 3 gun runs seemed to be friendly to UFS (may just be me only noticing when they weren't friendly) but it really seemed to break my sides spirits when 3 or 4 gun runs in a row targeted us, and thats when a bunch of my guys who were on the fence about walking off for the day did so. I might be spit balling here, but maybe implementing a system where there is a fixed number of gun runs per side, might help. Not that it would be limited to only people enlisted on that faction, but say you have 8 UFS gun runs and 8 COST gun runs. well, all 8 UFS sold, but only 5 COST did, well those 3 could go to UFS soldiers, but only on the understanding that they are COST in the HELO and that intentionally targeting COST on a COST Gun run would count as a war crime against the other faction. Might need refining as an idea, but that seems like a fair-er way of leveling out gun runs, so that those who pay for them can go on them, but it won't adversely affect the game play like it seems to have done in the past. Communication is always a topic of frustration, even when mine was working right. As command, I only have commo up to Game admins, and down to Platoon leaders, From there platoon leaders have commo to me and to squad leaders, and from there squads have squads and up to squad leaders. I have seen a few AAR's where they couldn't directly send up real world requests for corpsmen or other emergencies, and this might need to be addressed in the safety brief next time, but if you are sending something real-word up the chain of command, but say your squad leader is dead (in game), squad leader, do respond and continue that request up the chain. As S3 I won't know unless your Platoon leader tells me, or you find me yourself. I understand dead men don't talk, but interpret what is real world and send it up. The whole idea of the lower mag rule and one re-spawn area is that squads would stick together and squad leader would have commo up to platoons, which would generally stay in one AOR and within radio range. Follow that line of thinking on up. I understand sometimes hills or distance get in the way, but if I may suggest investing in a programmable radio capable of frequencies, because I had hardly any problems with my Baofeng, hearing people who were down in valleys while I was up in the church. This is tying into squad cohesion so I'll say this, by Sunday it seemed that large chunks of every platoon was gone, and by the middle of Sunday, all platoons had dissolved, and my command became more direct than delegation. I was running around finding groups coming in to respawn and tasking them out from there once they were up, even to the point of me moving to engage myself (which I enjoyed the change of pace, just saying). Platoons dissolved, but squads either stayed together, or were quickly formed, and there were a few squads (probably local teams that stuck together) that I knew I could rely on. Shout out to Ad Astra and the leviathan tactical pro staff (Breaker and Crash) for being some guys I could count on. I was a little disappointed in the fact that many didn't come back to play Sunday though. Overall I had fun. I always enjoy it, and the weather this year was better than most. I look forward to playing with you all at possibly Copperhead. Bilbo.
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  4. I believe PX policy is with ID or dependent ID. I have an ID and am willing to help facilitate purchases if necessary.
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  6. They have a Cartographer on retainer now, useful maps are hopefully going to be the standard.
  7. Is there a severe weather plan incase there is severe enough weather to kill us?
  8. I have a suggestion. This past weekend I was playing at ESR19-3 and I noticed with my own eyes twice, and heard about several other instances about active players using standing dead players as cover. Now I know I have never seen a real person get shot, but I'm pretty sure most of the time you're shot, you don't stand up in combat. I know AMS has been refining the rules to make it more milsim, specially in regards to medics and dragging. It would seem to me that if hit players who are bleeding out have to be dragged or carried, they should be on the ground waiting for rescue. This would also serve to mitigate other problems. Problems such as not being recognized as hit and being over killed/shot because if you lay down on the ground and just raise your dead rag in your hand then you will be less likely to be hit. Exceptions would be for safety such as not being in a vehicles way. I myself am used to standing up when hit, and encountered a problem when us forces kept shooting at me though dead with a rag out but not visible to them, and I wasn't getting angry, but for some reason they were. It would also emphasize the role of medic and keeping things hidden. If you see an enemy who was standing duck down behind his cover, you know he is getting medic attention, but if he was on the ground, it adds mystery to everything. That's just my two cents. I don't think it would be too hard to implement, and gross forgetfullness/ I tension al neglect of this rule could be counted as a war crime. Troops shouldn't use standing dead as cover when they have to fully drag them.
  9. It is circa 2013. This ao has a tremendous amount of turnover when it comes to cars in stock.
  10. FS: I have a used, but in great condition (a testament to their ruggedness) LBT Large wheeled loadout bag in Multicam. I am looking for $300 OBO. No tears, frays, only little wear on the wheels and the hard plastic scratch guards. I am local to the Norman/OKC area, can do face to face, or shipping at buyers expense. PM me. I can furnish the pictures on request.
  11. I was wondering if anyone out there found some ESS Crossbow sunglasses, with smoke lense. It has a small chip on the bottom left lense (as you're wearing it). I mindlessly put them on my head, then geared up for battle in the AO, and they fell off my head somewhere in the field. I was getting in and out of our teams POV all day, so it's likely they were run over, but on the off chance they were seen and picked up, I'd like to know they are safe. Thanks, and hope to see everyone out there soon!
  12. members were. Not everyone, Basically everyone around the area, whether on orders or not, showed up to help.
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