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    Lifting weights, table top gaming, and video gaming. Looking to get into airsoft again now that I'll have the time to do so.
  1. I am planning on buying the Elite Force M4 4CRS and want to put an extended Inner barrel and mock suppressor on it, I was hoping I could get some input from experienced airsofters. I plan to use a red dot with a flip to side magnifier on it, my hope is the extended barrel will give me more range. I want this to be a jack of all trades sort of gun, good for field and cqb environments as from watching lots of AMS gameplay footage It seems a lot of AO's are very variable in ranges very fast. So would this be a good set up to cover all the bases so to speak? Also any input on what upgrades to run towards this goal would be much apprechaited since I do not want to blow my hard earned money on crap I do not need
  2. I currently have one on my issued weapon as I am a team leader, so i am used to carrying one around. Thanks for helping me out, much appreciated.
  3. So me and my friends are planning out our team for airsoft and I want to plan it as a fire team. In a fire team the TL has a grenade launcher, since this would be the role I would fill I want to know is a grenade launcher worth investing in for the team and do they have a good use in AMS events or would I have a fancy paperweight on my gun?
  4. My callsign has been my nickname for the last three years as no one in the whole marine corps can figure out how to say my last name and it starts with a Z, so naturally they took the lazy way out haha.
  5. Hey everyone I am a new here to the forums and AMS. I can't be 100% sure when my first event will be but I am hoping that 2016 time frame, as I am currently still in the USMC my schedule isn't really up to me at the moment. I played airsoft and paintball in HS so im not new to the sport, and I can't wait to get back into it when I get the chance. I am also hoping to get my friends into the game again as well. My callsign is Z, its what my platoon calls me since they can't say my name.
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