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    Joker reacted to TheJP in REGISTRATION STATUS: CLOSED   
    Operation: End State Registration Status: CLOSED

    ENLIST AT: http://ams.ticketbud.com/operation-end-state
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    Joker got a reaction from TheJP in Operation: End State - INFORMATION   
    Talking with my Team about it now
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    Joker reacted to Metal in What would you name the next OP?   
    I'm with Danarchy. It's an orginal idea. Much more so than something simple like OP: Broken Home II or something along those lines. Seeing as this is a secon US civil war scenario, I like the Lincoln reference.
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    Joker reacted to Danarchy in What would you name the next OP?   
    We have a Lincoln reference on the patch, so I suggest that continue with Op:Better Angels from the First Inaugural Address:
    "I am loath to close. We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battle-field, and patriot grave, to every living heart and hearth-stone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature."
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    Joker reacted to Blackbird in OP: Broken Home AAR   
    Yep, We all definitely charlie sheened it up all weekend.
    And if you feel otherwise, you're wrong and I pity you for not being able to have fun. That's a serious medical condition, and you should see a doctor.
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    Joker reacted to Blackbird in OP: Broken Home AAR   
    So what JP said with a whole bunch more words than I would've is...
    Everybody won?
    I can live with that.
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    Joker reacted to Gustavanator in OP: Broken Home AAR   
    I'm somewhat worried about this "Green was pulled back by admin." If it's true, I'm sorry guys. Those "might've beens" will eat at us just as much as you.
    Further information is required to settle this, I wait with baited breath for the admin AAR.
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    Joker reacted to AFARareBreed in OBH Pictures and Videos   
    Video from UFS Army 1-1
    Please like, subscribe, comment and share.
    NOTE: For those who have already viewed this video, I had to re-upload it with royalty-free music. Not to be a "like whore" but if you could do me a favor and go back and like the video I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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    Joker reacted to Blackbird in OBH Pictures and Videos   
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    Joker got a reaction from warthog in OP: Broken Home AAR   
    1st The AO best I have been to in my airsoft career. It had a mix of woodland and urban fighting. I WILL be back to d-day park.
    2nd AMS Great job. This was my 1st time at an event held by AMS and I was not disappointed.
    1. I loved the AO. It made all the players use all thier skills.
    2. The Squad based respawn was great. it kept my squads rested and togeather.
    3. The Staff at D-Day park made the trip worth the 9hr drive.
    4. Sportsmanship was the key to my enjoyment of the games. yes we all had our issues but not enough to take away from my enjoyment.
    5. Copter. Thats it
    6. APC Thats it
    7. Hum-V Thats it
    8. Safety brief every hr on fri.
    1. Water. It was there but not all day where it was needed. Admins running around geting the bottles and gallons to players took them out of the game when needed.
    2. Admins needed around the MASH units and in important spots where flipping flags were key.
    3. I would have like to have seen more Civis and/or interaction with them. Roleplayers make the MILSIM games what they are. IMO
    4. Late starts. Hurry up and wait was the main theme of the weekend.
    5. The use of QRF. I seen squads of mine used for missions that the QRF should have been doing. I thought as ARMY we Attacked and the QRF Flanked and did side missions.
    6. Would it be a posability to get a SAND Table of the AO? That would help in all aspects of the games played there and would had to the command briefings.
    7. Set times for command to talk to the ldrs. A talk with our Command on a tailgate with a little map was nice but int eh safety building would have worked better.
    that is the short of it. I really had a GREAT time and will be back fo the next d-day park event or even the next AMS event.
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    Joker reacted to AFARareBreed in OBH Pictures and Videos   
    The link to the photographer's website is: http://kdogphotog.zenfolio.com
    Speaking as an experienced photographer, it takes some work when proofing photos. Some don't turn out. You have to orient others. And then you have to watermark them so they can't be taken without permission. It might be a while.
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    Joker reacted to Blackbird in OBH Pictures and Videos   
    I've got enough footage to do some great videos on some of the major events 1st platoon UFS hit up all weekend, but here's the trailer
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    Joker reacted to TheJP in Re-Spawn Points   
    Re-spawn is always a difficult and touchy subject no matter how you run it. Hopefully this solution will provide a little bit of balance between not having to hump too far away, yet not not come out of your re-spawn guns blazing robbing people of their forward progress.
    I can see this being an issue without Admin intervention to "turn" the re-spawn to a no-go, but there should always be 1-2 Admin where the large TICs are taking place.
    That being said; best laid plans of mice and men...
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    Joker reacted to TheJP in Weather Intel - DDAP   
    Cold water enema here we go...
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    Joker reacted to Skitch in FNN News Feed   
    More Troop Movement Into CoST Areas

    Wes Mantooth – FNN
    As the days continue with no apparent progress in communications between the UFS and CoST, movement of troops remains in evidence as well. Another massive Federal troop placement was allegedly sighted earlier this week entering into Coalition territory.
    Tensions are continuously heightened as each new convoy heads toward Oklahoma territory, according to ex-Oklahoma Senator Heywood Jablome. Jablome was reported as saying that “the constant infringement and bullying aimed at our state… is forcing a decision of conflict upon the Coalition people.†He went further on in his interview to note that if we (Coalition forces) had made such an obvious effort at containing any Federal state to this extent, there would already be full out military repercussions. The former Senator feels that the Coalition forces have been extremely lenient up to this point, but warns that the time for leniency is past.
    One civilian reports that there have been sightings of missile caches somewhere in the rural parts of Coalition lands. If the alleged missiles are indeed present, the escalation of such an impending conflict may reach to excessive bounds in no time.
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    Joker got a reaction from Tango in OP: Broken Home Question and Answers   
    Your Squad ldr has it. They are trying to keep traffic to a min in that area so any important info will be passed down on a need to know bases. I'm not trying to be rude or anything like that but we need to keep the traffic in that are to a bare min plus this secures the thread.
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    Joker got a reaction from D-Train in OP: Broken Home Question and Answers   
    You may want to read the event a little closer it is going down a little over a week this coming mon is the mon before the event.
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    Joker reacted to TheJP in OP: Broken Home Question and Answers   
    Command (CO/XO) will get initial orders in the next few days.
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    Joker got a reaction from Tusk in OP: Broken Home Question and Answers   
    Was just fixing to post this. LOL
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    Joker reacted to Tusk in OP: Broken Home Question and Answers   
    We'll get you an official date. I don't know if things have changed and I don't remember ever hearing or seeing the 21st being the final cut-off, but I have been busy with finals. Let one of the Top Shelf Admins get on there.
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    Joker reacted to Frosty in Medic Rule   
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    Joker reacted to Frosty in Re-Spawn Points   
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    Joker reacted to TheJP in OP: Broken Home Question and Answers   
    No and no.
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    Joker got a reaction from TheJP in OP: Broken Home Question and Answers   
    What about those NEW Mortor Tubes that just cam on the market.
    1 Are they allowed?
    2 What is the Kill area?
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    Joker reacted to Boonierat/ARA in OP: Broken Home Question and Answers   
    Cafe LOL, MREs LMAO,
    Last year I found a nice rotten tree down by the creek that had fallen...the Grubs were especially fat and tasty!! Doc and I both chowed down...tasted like chicken.
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