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  1. Hey again guys, Im lookin for some 1911 extended pouches Im not a fan of those taco ones. So is there a way to rig like an MP5 pouch to work or am I stuck with the tacos? -cheers
  2. Hey Zulu, What kind of role you goin to play as? Becuase that changes the kind of kit youll look at
  3. Yea I was lookin for a sling but I only found one designed for the SAW but it looked really bulkey, was thinking about trying to find a heavy duty 1 point becuase I dont plan on having it just free float ever chance I get somthing that is just enough to take the weight off for a little bit off and on you know.
  4. I would think a pistol would be your best bet lower profile
  5. Do you run it as a support gunner or as a riflemen?
  6. Cheers guys I was thinking about a backpack but I didnt know how efective it would work out for the support role
  7. Hey Everyone, Quick question I'm new and am looking into a support role got my primary gun and secondary sorted, but having trouble finding a chest rig I looked into this Mesh vest http://www.evike.com/products/32380 for the MOLLE room it has it seems good. Though by the looks of it a lot of people use the plate carriers for the more realistic look, the problem I keep running into is I don’t see a lot of builds for the support role a lot of them have AK or M4 mag pouches built in with hardly any extra MOLLE room. So it seems you either go with a lightweight vest with more MOLLE room than you know what to do with or a full rig with next to no MOLLE and with more pouches than you can use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -Cheers
  8. Yea I had a Tippmann A-5 (back before the X-7 came out) and had maybe 300 bucks worth of extras on it E-trigger, flatline barrel and some other bits and pieces, we where renting a big Co2 tank from the local shop and did our own tank refills but once it got to like 50 bucks for a box of 2000 rounds we went from every weekend to every other and after that it kinda slowed till we didnt anymore. Austraila is all good the reefs are beautiful ae went diving there not to long ago. The ony thing I dont like about Aussie is the accent its like nails on a chalk board to me the people mean well but I cant said that accent haha.
  9. Hey everbody, Im Shay, My friends call me 'Kiwi' because I'm from New Zeland so thats my cool fun fact hah. I come from a heavy military family, my brother is always reminding me I havent signed up but im doing college courses and after I get my degree I'm looking about signing up as an Army Combat Medic. My brother, my Dad and I used to paintball all the time and I never liked the hopper to hold the paintballs you could get your gun looking sweet but that hopper always underminded that look you would try going for, so I think that is where the airsoft itch started. So in other words I'm not a complete FNG I know how to shoot hah. After graduation last year I moved down to TX for college I started watching videos on youtube about Airsoft, kids raging and fun stuff like that. Then I started to watch DesertFoxAirsoft Milsim events(No I didnt take the Desert part from him its becasue Im currently living in Qatar) And I figured hell playin airsoft and meetin new people would be alot better than sitting around playing PS4. Made acouple buys and the rest I'll get when I land back in TX. And here I am Thanks for giving this a read -Cheers
  10. Yea I am really lookin foward to it and hopefully I can find a team around McKinney to join up with and I think that would just enhance the fun
  11. Specs, Thank you for getting back to me and clearing that up. And I hope I can get my gear sorted and bought so I can make my way up north for OP Rebal Yell 3 -Cheers
  12. Hey Everbody, Im new to airsoft and Im thinking about getting a SAW to play as the support role. While readin the rules for that role I found one I didnt understand can somebody please explain this one to me. G. SSWs must break the plane of a building on lower floors when shooting out of a building. You do not have to break the plane when shooting from upper floors. -Cheers P.S- If anbody knows a good sturdy M249 build that wont cost me an arm and a leg but is still good that would be awsome. This is the one I am currently looking into... http://www.evike.com/products/37513
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