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  1. Is the rule set going to get updated for when this conversion kit drops for bolt actions? I would assume the fps limit would be under 400 fps with .32s.
  2. Like ones for optics and rail mounted cameras? You should have one because once it gets shot out there goes money down the drain.
  3. Hey guys, wanted to know if any one has done a flat hop mod to their scoripion evo. Should it be done? I am debating on getting a promy purple and a namazu and test this out on the stock barrel since its already pretty accurate.
  4. So the new DW Revolvers came out, a 330 fps and a 450 fps version. Would we be able to use the 450 fps version or should the 330fps one only be used?
  5. I wanted to what you guys recommend wearing as a base layer for Faded Giant. I have never been to South Carolina, so I dont know if its better to wear Under armor Coldgear Or Heatgear.
  6. When I had my we g18 i got a s&w m&p9 serpa holster and it worked. Also Anybody who runs a cz p09. Hogue has holster for them and they fit!
  7. So pretty much the new lbx minimap has just been released. Anybody plan on getting it, cause the price point is great and the slits for an hpa tank are awesome.
  8. I am wondering, if someone brought a m82a1 to an ams game (copperhead/broken home), what would it fall under? A dmr or a sniper? Of course it would be a chore to lug this thing around, especially if its a p* or hpa. I just wanted to know since I plan on doing this cause...logic
  9. Hey guys, I wanted to double check on traveling with airsoft guns via flight to any airsoft event. I know that I will need a Hard case with 4 locking points with locks on it I believe. Also a Lipo bag for my batteries. Gas cant be flown but there should be a vendor at the event, yes? Another thing. How much stuff do you guys bring when you travel? I plan on bringing the gun case(duh), my luggage(will contain my gear, clothing, bbs etc), back pack and possibly my sports bag(empty to fit in my luggage). Thoughts and what do you gues bring or suggest?
  10. The healing system for MSW is: First hit = Battle buddy (Any body can heal you via Ace wrap or said Tourniquet) Second hit = revive via medic by drinking a bottle of water
  11. Hey Guys, names Ryon, but you can call me Honzo, nickname for basically everything. I'm new to AMS but I get the gist of how airsoft events go. Planning on going to Ironclad 2! Hopefully my friend can go with, if not, well there is no way in hell i'm missing out. Oh I'll be most likely fighting on COST for this event!
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