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  1. Is the Krytac LMG Enhanced allowed as a SW? If not, can I just use it as a rifle?
  2. TJ Shipp


    Can CDF wear JPC and other stuff like that? And what are the uniform restrictions for a squad since we're a militia?
  3. Will the CDF be able to wear JPC and stuff? Also, are the squad uniform rules the same? Can I wear my one piece of camo and then my buddy wear jeans and a flannel?
  4. I just bought a bunch of stuff and I'm gonna stab someone if its useless.
  5. So can CDF still wear plate carriers?
  6. waiiiit. so can cdf not wear multicam jungle?
  7. What is an operator handle? Sorry for all the questions. I'm just eager to try and join the milsim community.
  8. I don't need the one for temporary guardianship if my dad has guardianship of me correct? But does he have to fill out one for my friend who's dad cant go?
  9. Can someone give me the full list of paperwork that needs to be done for me to play? I'm 14 but my dad will be attending OP Rebel Yell in October with me.
  10. If I have a DMR can I have a MP7 or a MP9 for a sidearm or can I only have a pistol?
  11. I've got a guy who does some good custom work and I'm gonna trust that he can do it.
  12. Since they don't make mags for my sniper anymore would I be able to jury rig a system to have a hose feed bbs into my mag? Like the one in this video:
  13. My sniper hold 28 rounds but the mags are $50. I'm assuming that I have to wait till the FOB for reload. I can't pop out a speedloader.
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