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  1. <.< have you ever thought about being a sale's agent??? That is like all i asked for quickly lol
  2. It sounds weird to some, but I like my Ruger 9e and the SR9, they are good 9mm with a 17 round magazine and small enough for ccw. I have a hidden paddle holster.
  3. To be honest, i could really use some advice. I can't really decide on what my primary should be, let alone my secondary lol. I don't want to break the bank but want good weapons that are customizable, especially since I'm a bigger guy. Any ideas?
  4. Since this is a thread about DMR's would this be a legit DMR? http://www.evike.com/products/29292/ Of course with a scope and other attachments added
  5. XD Das Nuken?? I don't have any of my gear from CAP anymore, so I need to get all my gear again
  6. Ah, the highest ranking cadet was a C/SSGT the highest ranking senior member was a Major. I was the only cadet lower then a Sergeant to go on a SAR mission. But anyways lol I'm thinking about going as CoST, anything I should know besides green uniforms?
  7. I was only a Basic, I could never get my mile down..
  8. Yeah, I've been reading them a bunch getting my loadout shaped around the rules. Had to switch from an SVD II that i was looking at to a different model.. Now if only Evike would respond to my email about cancelling my pre-order i sent a about a week ago
  9. We had a color guard and a single ground team. While I was there there was only one SAR mission that ended up with us using an aircraft to find the beacon which was in a landfill... I did do a funeral service and had to miss a second for school. I went to encampment once, which was fun. Though I have a question, well two. Are there any Ohio based squads? and what is the closest event to Ohio, I don't really want to drive too far lol
  10. Nice, I had one of the more hardcore squadrons. Though there were some bad memories, I enjoyed being in CAP
  11. I was wondering who would get it XD Yeah, hoping to get into Milsim, i was a ground team member for SAR and a Advanced Radio Operator as well as a medic lol. They also stuck me with the heaviest loads cause I was the biggest guy.
  12. Hello, I am Zach, my friends call me Snow. I am new to the airsoft world. I have been shooting real firearms for over ten years. During high school I was in an Air Force Auxiliary and was on their search and rescue team, with one find before I left. I have always had a fascination with the military, and thought it would be a good idea to put that fascination to help my health. I'm a larger guy but I'm always back ready for more. I am under process to buying my first airsoft gun, an SVD II by Matrix due to my my favor of the weapon. I plan on having a more close quarters weapon too.
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