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  1. How about the VSS? It is used as a DMR and counter-sniper rifle by the FSB and other Russian forces, and fires a fat 9x39 purpose built rifle cartridge, and literally has "sniper" ( СнайперÑÐºÐ°Ñ ) in the name. Does the fact that it is so small and has a folding stock preclude it from use as a DMR at AMS events?
  2. Hammer816

    Gorka 4

    Does anyone have any experience with the Russian Gorka 3 or 4 suits? I have read that they do well in moderate to cold weather and are fairly durable as they appear have some reinforcement in the knees and elbows but haven't found anyone who has used one to get direct feedback. They seem to be pretty widespread in the Russian airsoft community but that may be for availability more than practicality.
  3. Fair enough, thank you. I assume that's for safety reasons?
  4. Sorry, not shotgun primers but muzzleloader primers. They are bright, loud, smokey, and VERY cheap. You can buy a hundred of them at Walmart for $10 in the right season so it is very appealing compared to $600-800 for one hundred thermobaric grenades with the same effect.
  5. I noticed in many of Matt the Musketeer's videos that he uses grenades which use .209 shotgun primers to produce a flash and report similar to a thermobaric but are more cost efficient. Would such devices be prohibited under the "No blank-firing devices" rule or would they be considered lethal inside buildings like the thermobaric grenades? I suspect they would be allowed because that rule is to clarify that blank firing rifles are not allowed like they are at MSW. I'm sorry if this has been addressed already but I wanted to know before I considered throwing down more than a hundred bucks to pick something like that up. It seems like at an event like Copperhead where grenades carry the day, a reloadable grenade would be worth the investment.
  6. I remember a few years back that "unarmored vehicles" could be killed by 40mm-style grenades but that true (light) armored vehicles, like the three or four M114 APCs at the D-Day Park could only be taken out by shoulder-fired rocket-style weapons like the M72, AT4, etc. I don't see provisions for such a distinction in the ruleset, but then again those multi-ton tracked vehicles are not player-operated and probably don't appear on the field except at Broken Home. I also know that a couple of years ago Dewayne (who owns the D-Day adventure park) bought a self-propelled howitzer that is very tank-like. Thoughts?
  7. Something akin to the L2A1? Australia and Canada used a heavier, reinforced version of the L1A1 (their variant of the FN FAL) in the late 50's theough the mid 70's in a role similar to that of the Bren or BAR. It used the same mags as the regular infantry battle rifles but was issued with a 30rd mag rather than the standard 20rd. In this regard it is very similar to the RPK. It was prone to malfunction with sustained fire and was phased out in favor of the FN Minimi (basically the M249). Sounds like an LMG to me...
  8. Thank you, I was almost certain this would be a fairly regular practice but I never saw it happen myself at the two events I have been to.
  9. If this has already been addressed I failed to find it in the forums and I apologize. I understand that the basic tactical unit of an AMS event is the squad, ten guys with a medic, a marksman, a support gunner, and a HWS. Generally this is the formula that is followed by all but a few special purpose units. What I wanted to ask about is whether a COST or UFS platoon leader is capable of shifting willing players within his platoon to accomplish specific objects. That is, if we have four squads in a platoon, is the rule still that a squad must contain ten players with only 1 SAW, heavy weapon, etc., or that each platoon can have only 4 of each specialist? Hypothetical: A platoon of COST os tasked with holding Caen. The platoon leader has 4 rule compliant squads at his disposal. He tasks two squads, squads 1 and 2, with holding the two entrances to the town, respectively, and squads 3 and 4 with the rest of the perimeter in between those two points of likely attack. Platoon leader received word that a sizeable force of UFS are approaching from down the road with at least 2 POVs. He sends one of his perimeter squads, squad 4, to set up an ambush the enemy column a couple hundred meters before they reach the town. Knowing that the ambush team will be engaging a numerically superior force supplemented with armor, can the platoon leader attach the medic, machine gunner, and heavy weapon specialist of squad 3 to the ambush team? This would be sending a 13 man squad with 2 medics, 2 machine guns, and 2 anti-armor weapons into the field while an 7 man squad with no medic, MG or AT defending the objective. A strict reading of the rules prohibits this action but sound tactical doctrine and fairness would not. Any boon to the ambush squad seems to be counteracted by the corresponding weakening of the defensive force. Thoughts and a ruling by admin would be much appreciated.
  10. If you have a smartgun you must post pics in the gunporn thread.
  11. If you are under 400 and have a semi-automatic weapon you would be better off calling yourself a rifleman and letting someone with a beefier, higher velocity gun use up your squad's DMR slot. Play like a marksman if you like, but don't waste the force multiplier of a weapon with superior range by calling yourself the squad dm if you are under 400fps.
  12. Awesome, thank you JP. I have an odd one that has an integrated mock suppressor that would accomodate a barrel up to 15 inches and I didn't want to get one that was long enough but would be compatible.
  13. Does anyone happen to know if the JG/ Echo-1/ TM clone G36 models use a specific inner barrel or are they compatible with barrels for other models like the M4/M16?
  14. Many of those listed velocitys are not accurate either. In my experience, they are often 10-30fps lower on the chronograph with a .2g than what is listed.
  15. I've been humping my JG M99 at a steady pace on an inclined treadmill a few times a week for a few weeks now and slowly increasing my distance. For a few minutes of that time I try to keep it shouldered in a standing firing position because I'm sick of my arms shaking like a leaf at the end of the day each time I use my AKM. I'm hoping to pick up a SAW soon and thought the M99 would be a decent analogue for weight and length. I would like to get back into regular lifting, particularly for my arms and back, but working 61hrs/week makes it difficult.
  16. I applaud your ambition and wish you the best of luck.
  17. I once got hold of an MRE that a cousin had left over from a combat deployment in Iraq. That thing was HUGE and had over 3,000 calories in total. The ones available on line are around half that at best. Last I checked, an infantryman in combat has a recommended daily caloric intake of nearly 10,000 calories. And I second Sharkdog on this, protein keeps you full, but carbs keep you moving.
  18. I would like to know if Spartanc54 used this and how effective it was. Quick hides like this are useful in an ambush or in the defense, but considering that a gunner must allow the enemy to get much closer with an airsoft gun than with a real machine gun before opening fire, they may be of little to no use here. I have been trying for some time to determine which principles and tactics of real-steel machine gunnery are applicable to airsoft and this one has me interested.
  19. We occasionally select the guy with the lightest load to pack an AKSu, MP5, or a G36C folded up in his ruck with a few extra mags in case somebody has a malfunction in the middle of a firefight. It's faster to whip that out and wait for a lull than to lose a man for the next 20-60 minutes.
  20. I run a UTG tri-shot shotgun rig at my local CQB venue to great effect but obviously that is not the same as a milsim engagement. The full length tri-shot models have decent range but their spread makes them ineffective for engaging small targets like a head and gun peeking around cover. That combined with their limited rate of fire severely limits the weapon's effectiveness for field play. However, the fact that it is a spring gun means that it is very reliable in all weather conditions and that it puts 3 bbs down range with each pull of the trigger and pump of the action means that you can match the fire output of many aegs on semi-auto albeit with limited range and accuracy. They are decent for supression and nearly guarantee a hit at moderate range and with practice and strategic shell placement can be reloaded VERY quickly. I can do a speed reload in about 3 seconds with the shells on my wrist caddy. As for those shells, they are low cap mags each containing ten shots. I run two Condor shotgun reload pouches of shell mags plus four on my wrist and two on the gun for a total of around 48 shells. I can go all day shooting like it's cool without reloading the individual shells so that keeps it a little more milsim than removing and shaking a mag. I don't use it for open play because it sucks compared to an aeg at ranges beyond 60-75 feet but I always bring it along as a back-up in case someone has a malfunction. It is better to use a shotgun than to not play. As for the single shot guns, it is not totally useless in milsim but it is not a wise decision as a primary weapon system. If you must carry it do so in a scabbard on your back incase your gun quits mid-firefight but don't rely on it. If you play with substandard guns, you're gonna have a bad time.
  21. I'm also a Glock fan. I carry a Glock 23 loaded with Hornady Critical Defense rounds. I carry a second mag loaded with the standard Remington FMJ and keep another loaded with the same in the center console of my car.
  22. I only just now realized that I have not posted an intro since the forums from the... previous management have been shut down. I am a CJ major at the University of Central Missouri and have been slinging bbs for almost five years now. I have a thing for AKs and am currently running an Echo-1 Redstar AKM and first got involved in milsim with Operation Winter Garden II in 2010. I have since been lucky enough to attend a few other ops, shooting for one or two a year including the sixth and final OKI and look forward to attending Broken Home II and Rebel Yell II in May and September, respectively. Thank you AMS for feeding the addiction!
  23. Hammer816

    unsafe actions

    I helped admin a very small private op a couple years ago and had to ask a good friend of mine to leave for the same thing (deliberate violation of min. engagement distances and malicious face shots). That sucked. He sticks to paintball now.
  24. Yeah the shift turned it from a 600 mile round trip to over a thousand for us. We're out. See you all in May.
  25. It may be too little too late I'm afraid. We made the mistake of waiting to sign up as a group only to find it sold out. .sigh. To the waiting list I suppose.
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