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  1. I'm new to doing any sort of tech work, so I really have no idea what I'm doing. I'm wanting to get my Echo 1 Troy to be a more... usable... gun. I've had a G&P gearbox put in with a new piston and cut off lever. Right now the trigger response is awful, so I'd like to get that better. It's shooting right around 400 FPS right now and I'd like to keep it there for outdoor play. Im looking at getting a Lonex Titan Motor, and Matrix 13:1 gears (which I have learned are just rebranded SHS). Also heard that a new trigger itself might help so I'm thinking about an Angel Custom Tunable Trigger. Are these upgrades going to help and am I leaving anything out? Thanks! Here are the links to everything http://www.evike.com/products/42418 http://www.evike.com/products/43103 http://www.evike.com/products/32917
  2. I got mine from shootercbgear.com and didn't have a problem.
  3. It seemed pretty nice. All I can do is try. Thanks!
  4. I'm thinking about trading a sight I never use for a friend's replica EOTech that I purchased a few months ago and sold to him. I would like to put it on my LM4 as that is what I will be using from now on. Will it hold up to the "recoil" of the LM4?
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  6. Can someone help me with all the forms I need to fill out as a minor at RY3. I know there is a medical card, minor application you email, and a medical form that must be notarized. Is there anything else?
  7. Why is the UFS roster a secure forum?
  8. 417 Airsoft


    I am purchasing a Baofeng UV-82 and have found two different PTTs. One of them has the capability of transmitting on both frequencies and the other only has the capability of transmitting on B. What PTT would be more useful? I was thinking of having one channel on Platoon Net and one on Squad. I do not feel comfortable communicating with command as this is my first milsim event, I just want to be able to communicate with my squad and hear what is happening in my platoon. Thanks in advance.
  9. My gun shoots a little under 400 FPS. Will I be able to use it in buildings?
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