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  1. Specs mentioned introductions and I found the place so here's my post Im 25, I work in E-Commerce Originally from New Orleans LA, currently in Little Rock/Conway Arkansas Guns are cool, I have 3 AEGs and 6 or 7 firearms I like being outdoors, hiking, camping and playing anything with an emphasis on strategy I have 6+ years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Judo and Combat Wrestling experience, emphasis on BJJ Taught combatives and Nogi Jiu Jitsu with a club established in conjunction with my University's ROTC program for 3 years Broken Home 4 was my first MilSim and I had a blast. I suppose Im CoST forever now.
  2. So I guess an interesting question here would be, if AMS moved to a few more desert like environments, would multicam be allowable for CoST rather than UFS seeing as how most CoST camo's would stick out like a sore thumb in a desert environments?
  3. Made the mistake of posting the same thing twice myself, sorry about that.
  4. Im new to the forums, so apologies if I did not follow the usual procedure for introductions. Is there a specific thread that I need to post in dedicated to introductions? And to address some of your points if something is consistently being brought up as an issue, as you mentioned yourself, then in any analytical assessment, it by nature becomes a red flag. If there was equally as much vocalized frustration coming from UFS about not being able to identify CoST because of a preferred camo pattern, like US Woodland then I would say that this is a non-issue, (and I dont have enough knowledge to make that claim) but I doubt it. If the camo in question was not widely used like the one MEERKATMOGS mentioned, then I could also see how this might be a non-issue, but when (and this is a conservative estimate) >50% of UFS are wearing Multicam, this would seem to be cause for concern. To address your point about pattern recognition over color recognition: based on guidelines Im assuming that UFS and CoST acceptable camos are determined not just by pattern, but by color as well. If that is the case, then to say that pattern recognition is priority really only addresses half the problem. By that logic I should be able to wear Multicam tropic and be identifiable as UFS. With regards to fellow UFS seeing MC as green as well, that again only addresses half the problem. On either side there presents difficulty. With CoST I can easily identify friendlies, but have trouble identifying foe. With UFS the issue is difficulty in identifying friendlies but easy identification of foes. Both present issues, but I believe one provides an advantage more-so than a disadvantage. Most of the engagements Im referring to that made target identification difficult were within 45 meters, so Im not talking about spotting enemies out to 100+meters as well. Again the TL:DR version If people are always complaining about MC then there is a likelihood of an advantage being presented. If that is the case then an advantage should be stated as being and intended part of the simulation, and if it is not intended, then it needs to be reconciled. To be blunt I would hope that MC wasn't simply acceptable because of its popularity. With Multicam Arid and Multicam tropic being available color's for the pattern, it would seems that the pattern is not whats in question. To clarify, Im ultimately not particularly invested in it. It was just something that had been mentioned and something I noticed personally and I thought Id bring it up in the forum for discussion. If it seems like Im overthinking things, then well that's just the way I am. haha I trust that the AMS staff do whats in the best interest of everyone involved.
  5. So maybe this is something that has been discussed before, maybe it hasn't. I did a search in the forums and was not finding anything relevant. Feel free to link me to old discussions if I missed it. To get to the point of what I wanted to discuss, this weekend at Broken Home 4 I had a great time. As a member of CoST, an issue that kept coming up however with nearly every engagement (aside from the nearly 2 to 1 player ratio) with the enemy was having to always second guess whether or not the people we saw were green or tan. I get that standard multicam is a hugely popular camo pattern because it does what its supposed to do. I own a multicam tac shirt myself. The problem is, in the environment for Broken Home, standard Multicam just appears to be green. In real world circumstances this would be great, in a milsim op where sides need to be established and defined, this becomes an issue. With nearly every enemy engagement as CoST we were having to second and triple take on individuals we saw which greatly increased the amount of time we had to respond in engagements. If you were positioned in established CoST or UFS territory this is obviously not an issue because you merely have to shoot back at the people across the line, but when you are moving between positions and scouting enemy positions, engagements in the forest are won and lost in the first few seconds of identification. After the Op ended, I even spoke with a handful of UFS who chose to wear specifically tan based camo because they felt multicam was not distinguishable as truly tan. Maybe this isn't as much of an issue in other AMS environments, but at Broken Home this was a problem. TL;DR Standard Multicam is too green or Broken Home
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