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  1. Everyone is allowed to have a radio and a comms matrix will be created before each event, I have no idea why we don’t use an existing matrix for each game but maybe the paranoia is super strong these days lol.
  2. Location is the big difference, they are split up in three Provence’s. Valley Provence=SME Hill Provence=Collevill which is controlled by my people. Southern Provence=Caen
  3. I think we would need to see the finished build to make sure it’s to spec before giving an answer but if it’s built true to the specs with the correct box mag then I don’t see why it wouldn’t pass.
  4. Sounds like a compression problem which could be as simple as adjusting the hop up or maybe the bucking needs to be checked to see if it has torn or just needs to be replaced. Also check the O ring on the piston head to make sure it has a good seal, one of these quick fixes should get his gun running again.
  5. Don’t worry about adjusting your hop up just chrono the way you typically would.
  6. Ron Mexico


    Well since OCP is a knock off of Multicam I would say it’s a tan based uniform.
  7. I’m pretty sure if the owner says there is no helicopter then that means there won’t be a helicopter.
  8. Are the two faction Facebook pages not enough?
  9. Your AEG will be fine water won’t hurt them. If it gets wet just open the upper receiver when you get home and let the gun dry out.
  10. One of the Raiders needs to sell his ticket ASAP due to an emergency that arose today. If anyone would like to try being a Raider and being the Alpha hunter please let me know.
  11. Yes, the 3 color desert is allowed,
  12. The pants will be fine and the khaki will work as well, I would suggest coyote over a khaki color though.
  13. You are allowed to carry back up weapons such as another AEG but your magazine limit is still going to be 7 magazines. I highly suggest that you invest in a pistol as your secondary weapon since you will be able to carry an unlimited number of magazines for the pistol. Please check the rules if you have not done so already.
  14. They need to match the faction color such as UFS is primarily tan your hood or ghillie needs to be more tan than green and just the opposite for the green team. I believe this is buried in the rules some where.
  15. Weapons restrictions, medics, packing list and admin expectations. Expectations for Scout/Raider units. 1. conduct themselves in a professional manner. 2. Police themselves at all times especially in the patrol base. 3. Stay mission oriented. 4. Keep focused on your task at hand. 5. When in need of a mission contact command or Game Control before conducting your own operations. 6. When possible conduct small operations to interrupt cost/UFS actions on the field. Hit fast, hit often, and then break contact. 7. Above all else, stay safe and have fun. In 2016 United Federal Command stood up a platoon of scouts to conduct direct action missions and reconnaissance for UFS Command. They conducted Day and night interdiction operations which help UFS Command with their daily operations. Broken Home 7 Cost Raiders and UFS Scouts will be active on the Broken Home AO conducting day and night operations. What makes one a Raider/Scout? These are the alphas of the group, the people who enjoy pushing themselves as hard as they can. This will be very physically and mentally challenging for some and easy for others. You will need to have the ability to use gps or have a gps app on your phone or tablet. You will be required to stay in the field at all times, you may not leave the AO for any reason except an approved emergency or if you drop out. Cost Raiders and UFS Scouts will be tasked with direct action missions plus reconnaissance for their faction. You will not be a part of the line troops and will conduct activities solely based on commands needs. You will be the eyes and ears of your faction. A minimal packing list will be posted, these are minimal items needed to conduct operations for two nights and two days. What ever you add to this list is up to you. Remember, you won’t be leaving the field for extra items, forgotten items, or a broken gun. Medic: all Scouts and Raiders will be considered medics. Weapons restrictions. LMG’s will not be allowed. 2 snipers per team. Riflemen may carry a sniper rifle but it can not be their primary weapon. Their primary weapon must be with them at all times. 2 DMR per team. Raider/ Scout packing list Uniforms for Cost Raiders M81 only. Uniforms for UFS Scouts Multicam only. Mandatory packing list. Ability to carry 6 liters of water at a minimum (You will not be required to carry this water at all times, but you will need to be carrying a minimum of 3 liters of water when you depart the start point on Friday night. Re-supply may at times be spotty, and some of your missions may cover longer periods of time. You may scale down based on mission requirements.) 3 pair Socks packed in a water proof bag. 3 pair Skivies packed in a water proof bag. 1 Shirt packed in a water proof bag. Hygiene kit 100’ para cord Tarp for shelter Radio must have extra battery Extra bbs Food for 39 hours. (Some meals will be eaten in the field while on ops, so it would be smart to bring some food that will not need to be cooked, and can be eaten quickly, or while in a short halt while on the move.) Clear lens goggles. (You may wear tinted lens' during the day, but you are required to have clear lenses during the night portions) Sleeping Gear. (As much, or as little as you wish to carry with you into the field.) Radio capable of operating on assigned freq/channel Red light and Red rag to mark hit players The following items are needed per squad: 1ea GPS (Set to MGRS with WGS-84 map datum). It might be a good idea to bring 2 per squad in the event that the person with the GPS gets seperated from the squad, or has to go back and re-spawn. 2ea per unit; E-tool(Entrenching Tool)/Folding Shovel. Optional Sleeping bag 1 extra pair trousers 1 extra blouses
  16. Zone, once UFS Scouts catches up we will see about opening more slots for the Raiders.
  17. Where are all of my Alpha players who like to be in the dirt behind enemy lines, who think they are the best of the best and will stay up all night to tip the hat in UFS favor? Get registered so we can show these green bastards who rules this game.
  18. Don’t believe everything, THEJP just doesn’t enjoy sleeping in the dirty.
  19. Alex, Can you please explain why AMS has changed the rules on the hpa bolts?
  20. The terrain will remind you a lot of Warzone Matrix.
  21. We have got to some how get all of Kansas united and get you guys to switch to UFS.
  22. Wow really? You are so blinded by your side that you had to represent Cost 5 times in your post JP. Get over yourself fool. LOL
  23. Show up on Sunday and play but it seems like a waste of money to only play a few short hours.
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