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  1. KWA KM16BR (Top gun in picture) upgraded to dmr limits, right at 445~ fps with .20s. 6.02 TBB extends the length of the barrel extension. Has a gopro mount 3m taped on the magwell. Sight in picture not included. Will come with 1 hicap or 2 midcaps, your choice and 1 11.1V lipo Looking to get $300 shipped to your door. Paypal accepted. Only trade accepted would be for a video streaming drone.
  2. When does it close on friday and is it open saturday morning also is mainly what I need to know
  3. Hey guys, I am about to register for this event but I need to know when check in is to see what days I need off from work. If someone could please get back to me as to when check in starts and ends Thanks
  4. Hey, just checking with high command, me and my brother are wanting to come to this event as a sniper spotter team. Just wanting to check and see if you guys still have slots available for a sniper team.
  5. How do you guys who play as sniper/spotter teams run your loadouts? Can both players have a sniper? If both players cannot/do not have a sniper can they trade off weapons; as in if the spotter gets killed, can he leave his aeg for the sniper? Also if I am in a squad and all of us are using m4s, and I run out of ammo, can a teammate give me a mag?
  6. So if I am reading correctly, semi auto weapons, it doesnt matter how they are semi auto, as long as they are only semi-auto. And the fps restriction for them is 450 w/ .20s?
  7. I have a kwa m16, with upgrades, it shoots at 450 fps with .25s. so fps regulations deem it a DMR. If it is semi-auto via a plug and play mosfet is that legal, or would i need to mechanically make it semi only?
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