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  1. Zero in G3 should be listed as DMR.
  2. I'm sorry for the size of the images. I can remove them and just link to them if needed. Hi everyone, I'm Zero, and I've got a gas blowback KWA MP7 that I'm trying to get rid of. Here are the deets: KWA H&K MP7 Licensed by Umarex/Elite Force Folding Foregrip broke off before i owned it, so i took a file to it and added a bottom rail, now you can put your own grip on it! (Some people consider this an upgrade) Front end thing (immediately behind the flash hider) clips broke off, you might be able to pick one up on evike or something, not sure. I solved that problem by adding... QD Mock Suppressor. Not the (weirdly) popular "powerup" Misalign your barrel suppressor. Just a regular tube that attaches to the flash hider. Looks pretty rad. I'll post pictures of it later. To sum up, the package includes: KWA MP7 GBB 2.5 Mags (one has a slow leak, you should be able to fix with an o ring or some lube. QD Suppressor CQB Bolt AND Stock bolt if i can find it) MP7 Iron Sights Retail, this package would go for approximately 470 bucks (Gun+Mags+Suppressor+Bolt+Rail Replacement= 250+110+40+45+25) but I'm more than happy to let it go for 220 dollars shipped to your door. I only ask that you cover the PayPal fees.
  3. I heard one of the AMS Higher ups, in response to Evike Matt complaining about target acquisition, say that if he had it his way it would be Coyote and DCU VS Olive/Ranger Green and M81. So it's not like AMS isn't acutely aware of the situation, they just feel like if they get rid of the most "Popular" camo pattern, it will drop their numbers, because a lot of toolbags that wear multicam will refuse to wear anything else, because let's face it, Airsofters are a bunch of manchildren who WILL complain if they don't get their way.
  4. There was a point at which I was in a transport vehicle (one of the deuces that took everyone to their spawns) and an admin walked up and said "You know y'all can shoot out of the vehicle now, right?" This was at about 4PM on Saturday.
  5. Muzzle must be out the window on the first floor, you can shoot out the window from behind it if you're on the second floor or higher of a building, they just don't want you to accidentally light someone up from half an inch away as they walk past your window, which is impossible on the second story.
  6. Nah that was one way. It was about 1900 miles to KC, where I met up with my team, and then it was another 200 or so down to the AO.
  7. I'm glad that Cost wasnt the only team stuck in the west half of the AO hiking around all day on Saturday
  8. Kolt1911, dont let my post lead you to believe that i had a bad time. I enjoyed it all. I just feel that there were different types of fun at play, and the ratio of one to another wasnt quite high enough, but i still had a load of fun. If i had played on day two i would have been a part of the assault on Coleville and i would have had even more airsoft fun than milsim fun, but i was exhausted and satisfied with my experience from day one so i spent the second day walking around the campground chatting with people.
  9. Oh the weather was great, Only time it was raining hard, we were off the field, and in our hotel, and I love Thunderstorms, so I had a great time while that was happening anyway. No complaints at all about the weather on my part.
  10. I'd like to start with My squad was majorly responsible for the This new AMS Tradition http://i.imgur.com/4Thhvbq.jpg Hello, My name is Zero, or R-00, and this was my first AMS Event. And it will probably be my last Broken Home event. While I had a good time, and the AO was beautiful, It was just too much of a hassle to get to and the rain made it incredibly hard to traverse. There are 0 hard feelings towards the staff of this massive amazing field, or towards the staff from AMS of the event. I might try to make Rebel Yell or something with higher odds of combat, but that's neither here nor there. My only Pre-OP concern was that the troop organization was not handled very well, while my platoon, CoST Bravo 2 was handled great, the other two platoons either had no organization as of 5-17-2015. During the Op: Let me preface this with a few things. I have been actively reading the forums for the past few months, making sure that this investment would be worth it, as I live so damn far away, As I ended up spending about 1,000 dollars and travelling 2,200 miles, from Washington to prepare and get down to this event, I understand that not everyone will get to have a super memorable time, and I understand that not everyone was guaranteed to see action, and I know what a "Milsim Experience" is versus a "Spec-Ops Experience" is. Day one of the OP, my platoon (Half of which VANISHED immediately, by the way) was ordered to travel from the FOB to point 9, and then proceed to point 1 (Those numbers might be backwards) and meet up with command for our orders. we got lost, and ended up with a beautiful view of what looked like the best, least flat part of Oklahoma. during this 8 mile hike, one of our men tripped on a branch and landed on his bad knee, so we had to get him med-evac'd, after we finally made it to where we needed to be, we were ordered by Slab (Great guy by the way, super nice and caring) to watch a ravine that the enemy had been SUPPOSEDLY retreating through, this was at about noon, so we perched up and waited for the enemy that we were promised we would see. Only for them to not show up for at least 2 hours. By that time our troops had been cycled around for various recon missions and overwatch positions, so we had a bunch of new people to hang out with in our little ravine, but we were getting antsy, we wanted to shoot things. Our Platoon leader convinced the majority of us to stay, while a squadmate of mine and I decided we would go tell Slab we were bored and wanted in on the action. before we could even do that, a Deuce and a half rolled up and asked if we wanted to go on suicide runs through the enemy encampment around Coleville, and so we did, and they were a blast. That's where the Airsoft experience started and the Milsim Experience ends. I now believe that it's important to have a good mix of the two in order to have the best time, and Honestly, Bravo Company Platoon 2, for the most part, only had a Milsim experience. I acknowledge that the military does stuff that is extremely similar to what my platoon had done, and I acknowledge that I got the Milsim experience that I paid for. I have no complaints other than our land nav pair sucked, and needed to be replaced, but that's no fault of AMS'. On day two, the majority of our team was too beat from our unnecessarily long hike to play, and we had ticks crawling through our gear from sitting in that ravine for 2 hours, so only like 3 RATs went in to play. They claimed to have a good time, So I'll assume there was a "net fun profit" and that all of them had a good time. During the Raffle: The Raffle was great, lots of good merch thrown out, I regretfully didn't win anything with my ticket, but I got a whole bunch of other cool things. However, at the end, when AMS Threw the Elite Force Walther PPQ out to the crowd, one of my then teammates, and two of the members of a different team, FROT, I believe, got their hands on it, and then another member of the other team (http://i.imgur.com/x1dzDxO.png) started to act incredibly aggressively towards him, when a different teammate stepped in to calm him down, he turned and threatened violence to us, and looked like he was on the verge of throwing a punch. It is my recommendation that FROT talks to him or something, since That type of behavior is a good way to get your team booted from events, and no one wants to be the guy that gets a bunch of people banned. Attached is a picture of him, taken from his instagram account that someone found and linked to me. All in all, I had a good time, and the huge investment was well worth it, as I got to spend a bunch of time with a bunch of my best friends, and I got to shoot BB's at people.
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  16. How do I go about reserving a private frequency for my squad? removed the useless second paragraph now that I know how subchannels work.
  17. So I've gone through and read every single topic in this section that's available for me to read, but I never saw any mention of it besides people wearing them on the field, but in my experience, the seal on Oakley SI M Frames with a Helo kit is big enough to allow a BB Through, which is against the rules. am I just not pulling the glasses far enough back on my face or are you guys wearing different Helo Kits somehow? I ask because I'd like to wear my M Frames at BH4 but if I'm wearing them incorrectly, I don't want to incur a war crime and lose points for my team, but I noticed that my glasses don't seal enough to block a bb going through.
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