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  1. As a UFS fighter I agree that that is unfair. Our approach to CP-6 and Coleville was easy. We took control of it both very fast and held them. (Not easily I might add). But CoST had a long approach to not only Pegasus but to any other flag. CoST put up one hell of a fight to attempt to take Coleville. I think it's unfair to basically counter their effort by taking away one of the flag points. Here is Part 2 of my AAR https://www.facebook.com/notes/tfs-milsim-media/the-action-american-milsim-operation-broken-home-iv/828106500614775
  2. I'll save the long post and just post the link to the AAR that's on my facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/notes/tfs-milsim-media/american-milsim-operation-broken-home-iv-aar-ams/828020220623403 Part 2 will be posted today as well.
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