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  1. I can only speak for E-10 (I've never been to an OP with PSA) UFS and E-10 do run together in the same operations, we had them with us at broken home VI.
  2. The rules state "Gear color does not matter" as long as you have faction specific shirt/jacket, pants and headgear your good.
  3. the only badges we have are event patches as far as i know, they follow the same rule, we dont want any milsim stolen valor lol! (only joking bud) all jokes aside at each event you get a AMS Veteran patch which is just a fancy way of showing off how many events you have been to.
  4. I like this question, Say is am Running a M249 SAW and have a krytac PDW as a secondary to engage targets within 50ft, would i observe the mag limits for a rifleman or would i be able to have as many as i can carry?
  5. Good, that will free up some space on my kit.
  6. Generally any sound grenade is a kill if it is thrown in a room and the enemy has A. No cover and B. Is within the kill radius. If a sound grenade is thrown outside it is only a distraction.
  7. Your right JP im a paid player, thanks for clearing it up for me!
  8. Im wanting to record gameplay as a player at op 34 II. Do I need a press pass for this?
  9. on the American Milsim Facebook page they posted a hype picture and used the #sierradynamics #ufswarmachine tags. this leads me to believe that Sierra Dynamics and UFS will be the two factions. https://www.facebook.com/AmericanMilSim/
  10. Hi, so I will be attending broken home 5 as my first milsim event. I see on american milsims website that they offer camping with limited space,my question is what happens if you don't get camping space in time? Do you just crash in your car/staging area or can you go to a hotel?
  11. So as I've said before I'm a milsim virgin so I'm not sure what gun I should have. I'd like to stick with what I have right now(I'm on a budget) it's a CYMA M14 cm32. I guess my biggest worry is that I'll be more of a burden on my squad than anything else. Ps. Can any faction use any gun, like could I use an m14 as CoST and UFS?
  12. Cirrus

    Gun oil

    So can I use normal gun oil, or do I need something specific ?
  13. So digging around I found that the top and pants must match and your head gear must match your squad, but other than that your gear can be anything. I've currently got woodland web gear with ACU top and bottom. I've been told not to use ACU for more than one reason but would my web gear work? Or sould I go for a plate carrier or combat vest?
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