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  1. I don't know if you play Battlefield, but its kind of like that (knife). Knife kills are very rare, but when you do it, its risky, but awesome; and no one will see it. If someone sees it, its another Opfor who will shoot you I wouldn't even worry about it. However, that's just my input.
  2. Last time I've heard of this subject, I believe they said it was okay to have a knife on you as there are many reasons to have one. Just don't have it on the end of your rifle haha But I'm only 90% sure, I'd wait for approval from an admin.
  3. I will probably have 6 M203 shells ready to go in pouches; having the rest in a pack for later use. With the grenades, I will most likely share them with guys in my squad haha. I don't planning on being walking artillery
  4. Better safe than sorry for this question. Don't want to spend extra money if it isn't allowed. The rules say that there may be 12 shells/rockets carried on a heavy weapon specialist. But it also says that each player may carry up to 6 grenades (thunder B's and such). The question is, if I'm running an M203, am I limited to the 12 M203 shells or can I have the 12 shells plus the 6 grenades?
  5. Welcome! Make sure you read up on the AMS rules, then if you have any questions, just ask
  6. Try getting Woodland. !uch less expensive and CoST could always use more soldiers
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